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source: NASA

Let’s take a look at Saturn. I mean literally, let’s take a look at Saturn.

See that ring? Beautiful, isn’t it? What most people don’t realize about Saturn’s rings are that they are composed of billions of tiny little particles all held in a perfect dance between gravity and momentum, maintaining their fragile design despite all odds or (seemingly) common sense. It’s only recently that our technology has enabled us to look at them up close and appreciate the ridiculous level of complexity it takes to hold them together.

And yet, the rings persist. Saturn, it seems, knows exactly what it’s doing when it imposes order on a complex system. This applies to you and your life as surely as it does to these little granules traveling their paths far far away from us.


Before the telescope, all Saturn was to us was a pale yellow dot traveling the most slowly of all the wanderers in the sky. It took about 29 years to travel once around the sky, and back then most people who managed to make it to that age knew that it was likely all downhill from there, once that had happened. No wonder that people felt like Saturn was a little blot of jaundice in the sky: much more an indicator of suffering than support.

But in 1608 a Dutch eyeglass maker named Hans Lippershey came up with the idea of fitting lenses together in such a way that they magnified distant objects, and a couple of years later (once Saturn had moved on to the other Sign it traditionally rules, Aquarius) Galileo refined, and (in that revolutionary spirit) decided not to use the telescope as a novelty or a navigational aid. He pointed it to the sky and saw things no one had ever seen before, and changed our conception of the Universe forever, bringing us closer to Truth.

It would have never happened without the hard work of Saturn in Capricorn.


Like our planet and every other planet in our solar system, Saturn tilts back and forth on its axis. Thus, at various points during its orbit the rings are edge-on to us, all but invisible from Earth. From our perspective they wax and they wane of the course of Saturn’s path around the Sun. When Saturn is pointing its North or South Pole most precisely in our direction, the rings are most visible. When that happens, from our perspective Saturn looks like a big yellow eye, staring unblinkingly at us.

Saturn is now at that point in its orbit. Saturn in Capricorn sees you.


There is nothing to fear about this. Saturn brings challenges, sure. But Saturn ultimately does it with love, like a parent who firmly insists that you can’t eat a ton of sugar before you go to bed. Sure, you’d like to, but that’s a bad thing. Everyone loves Venus, and Venus rules sweetness, but ask a diabetic how that can turn out sometimes.

Still worried about Saturn in Capricorn, and what it has in mind for you? The come back tomorrow when I’ll be taking a more detailed look at Saturn throughout 2018.

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matthew currie saturn in sagittariusAs we bumbled out of Africa, we brought language with us. A funny thing happened along the way: languages started using fewer sounds. The complexity of inner lives didn’t become any simpler, and the challenges we faced didn’t get any easier. But we dropped some phonemes and made some alterations, and by the time we arrived in India our vowel sounds became longer and more regular. We made it to Europe and four different R sounds became two, then one. Finally, when people had migrated to the islands of the Pacific, their speech was made of a mere handful of consonants and vowels.

When I was in Grade One I had a friend who was a recent immigrant from Africa. Because of this, I can produce not one but all three of the click sounds that exist in the Xhosa language. I haven’t learned a single word in that language and I probably never will, but I can make the appropriate sounds. I may never have an actual use for this particular skill, but I have it nonetheless. As we get older languages become harder to learn and to become fluent in, but it can still be done. Old dogs can still learn new  tricks… it just takes them longer.

I’ve recently learned a word that (although only made of three consonants, one vowel, and a glottal stop) has profound implications — and is (to me at least) damned hard to enunciate properly.

In its simplest form, the word means “correction,” but has layers of meaning far beyond that. It also involves forgiveness and reconciliation and liberation from karma. I don’t think I’ve fully grasped all its implications yet. But I know this much: it is the one single word in all of human language that we need to carry forward with us as Saturn leaves Sagittarius.

What are we supposed to take away from the last two and a half years of Saturn in Sagittarius? The lessons I’ve learned are mine, and the lessons you’ve learned are yours. They are likely very different, yet are also probably similar on some level. Either way, there is a word for what you and I should do next.

The last word from Saturn in Sagittarius is hoʻoponopono. Learn it and understand it.

Forgive. Forgive yourself and forgive others. Forgive the world. Make your corrections and be healed, and do it all with as much love as you can summon. If I can learn that, then so can you. And once the lesson has been learned, it becomes time for practical application.

Welcome, Saturn in Capricorn. We are ready to begin the work.

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matthew currie saturn in sagittariusJust because Saturn is leaving Sagittarius and the Galactic Center doesn’t mean its effects on the Human Collective are coming to an end. If a transit makes your legs fall off on a Monday, your shoe budget will be reduced from Tuesday onward. Saturn’s influence on the Galactic Center (where we connect to things much, much larger than ourselves) this time around has had a lot to do with power dynamics. Specifically, the abuses of the power that one man has over another person that so often manifests itself as sexual misconduct, in all its forms. With Saturn entering Capricorn, we’ll now need to change the emphasis from “oh, isn’t that horrible?” to “what do we do about this?” both collectively and individually.

Collectively? It’s hard to say. I can easily imagine stronger laws against abuses of power, but making murder illegal never made murder completely go away, did it? Facing the problem of sexual abuse of power by men is as old a story as humanity itself, and (like it or not) we also need to act individually to stop it.

Oh, and yes: some of you are saying “well, sometimes women do that too!” or “but not all men are like that!” To which I can only say: “yes, you are correct. Now don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” This is about men, and you and I know it.

So, assuming you’d like things to change, here are some things you can do to help:

-If you look at the chart of Famous Man Accused Of Groping, and say something like “he has such and such conjunct whatever, therefore he’s obviously guilty,” then you may have a point… but you’re still wrong. The birth chart tells us all sorts of things about a person’s proclivities and potentials, but nothing about the moral choices that person will make. God didn’t make wind-up toys.

-When you call for the resignation/arrest of Celebrity A accused of sexual assault, but when you’re willing to give Celebrity B a pass on the same sort of thing maybe you need to understand the larger issue better… and maybe you’re unintentionally a part of the problem if you forgive the crime based on how much you personally like the criminal.

-If you automatically dismiss the accusations against Politician X because the accusers aren’t as attractive as Politician X’s wife, and Politician X therefore couldn’t have done it… maybe you don’t understand that sexual assault isn’t about “sexiness.” It’s about making an object out of another human being because you feel you have the power to do so.

So: give that some thought, because we need you on board to solve this. It’s not just Hollywood or politics or major clusters of power. It’s about the guy making up the shifts at your local grocery store, and the supervisor at your bank, and the self-appointed guru who tells you what you must be based on his profoundly wise insight into your birth chart.

We now have a chance to make the world a genuinely better place, in at least one way, than it ever has been before. Ever. You don’t want to miss out on being a part of it, do you?

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Suppose you have an important message to send, and Mercury is retrograde. Should you wait? Ideally, you probably should. Life doesn’t always work like that though, and whether we’re talking astrology or otherwise, in life you have to play the hand you are dealt. If you have to send an important message during a Mercury retrograde, there are other factors to be taken into consideration.

If the nature of the message is Mars-related… something involving cooking or cutting things or perhaps anger… then having a strongly-placed Mars at the time you send it is important. That’s not good enough though. Mars in Scorpio is a strong placement, but if it is not receiving any major aspects from any other planet, then it will tend to act in an unpredictable manner.

If the message has something to do with, let’s say, religion then you’d probably want to have a strongly placed Jupiter at the time you sent that message. Jupiter trine Neptune is a nice touch, but keep in mind that even a good aspect from Neptune can make things a little muddled.

Mostly though, you probably wouldn’t want to try to send that very important message when Mercury was both retrograde and conjunct Saturn. And you certainly wouldn’t want to do it when both Mercury and Saturn were on the local horizon.

matthew currie astrology new york bombing ullah

All the factors were in play this morning at 7:40 AM in New York when Akayed Ullah set off a pipe bomb in an underground walkway near 42nd street and 8th Avenue, in protest of recent Israeli actions in Gaza. The bomb went off and injured four people including Ullah himself, but was far from the success that he probably wanted it to be.

Maybe Mercury retrograde isn’t so bad a thing all the time, after all.

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