Lemons to Lemonade
February 2012 Archives

It all started one day on the outskirts of Phnom Penh at the foot of a massive garbage dump. The scorching Cambodian sun backlit the plastic garbage bags that were being carried by small children as they scavenged through garbage […]

Success. However you define it, one thing’s for sure–it doesn’t always come easy! Comedian Demetri Martin lent his take on this phenomenon graphically in his book, This Is a Book. (Yes, that’s really the name of the book.) Hilarious and […]

Would you ever think that World War II Marines could have imagined the duffel bags they lugged around would 70 years later carry lipstick and sunglasses? Pretty far out, right? Well–Alice Saunders could. After checking out an old military duffel […]

Define your own road in life. That’s the motto of Road Trip Nation, a movement that helps connect people with the careers they’ve been dreaming of. The organization began in 2001, when the group’s founders–four friends fresh out of college–set […]

Presidents’ Day comes but once a year. And while it sometimes gets cast aside as far as patriotic holidays go (can you blame poor Presidents’ Day for not having fireworks?!), this year how about making Presidents’ Day shine like the […]

Happy Presidents’ Day! What does this holiday mean to you? To us, it provides a much-needed opportunity to pull inspiration and strength from the two great leaders whose birthdays are honored on this day – Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. […]

                    “Our pets are our friends — our Little Friends! And they mean the world to us! Each of them has a unique and awesome personality, but it can be difficult […]

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and although it is a day filled with love, it is also a day sometimes filled with loneliness. We hope everyone has a relationship where they feel love and can pass it on. There are so […]

                    Windows in abandoned shops. A city parking lot. A mechanic’s garage. Let me guess: these aren’t places you generally expect to see fine art. But that’s changing! More specifically, the […]