Lemons to Lemonade

MILKSHAKE,our daily email that features great finds that give back – including inspirational people, products, causes and companies making a difference in the world, today featured LEMONS TO LEMONADE!! Take a read below, and if you want to submit your …Read More

Once sported exclusively by school kids, the backpack is making a major comeback. The two-strap style is kinder on your body and better for your posture than a tote, no matter how trendy or fashion-forward it may be. Fortunately, we’ve …Read More

Designs straight from Bali, Indonesia, Katherine Rally Textiles offers refreshing products with an inspiring comeback story to boot. Katherine Rally Textiles is the work of a husband-and-wife team, Katherine and Rally Dupps. Originally from the U.S., the Dupps met in …Read More

One year after his debut album came out in 2005, Seattle rapper Macklemore was admitted to rehab for addictions to alcohol, marijuana, and painkillers. The combination left his creativity zapped and his self-esteem in the gutter. “It’s not dope to …Read More

Inspiring Person: Sam Cila, a U.S. army veteran who lost his left forearm and hand while serving in Baghdad, is the founder of Multisport Soldier, an organization which encourages people to overcome adversity through speaking engagements. Where He Came From: …Read More

“The ordinary… is the part of our world where beauty is interlaced in each detail… It’s the part of our world that can knock our socks off… but so many of us walk by everyday, never knowing, never caring… But …Read More