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…if, as I hope, Rev. Falwell’s passing will bring about a new chance to define what it is to be Christian – something more than simply saying no to abortion, no to gay rights, no to alcohol, no to coed […]

More and more news continues in about the attorney scandal and the morally reprehensible behavior of the man named Al Gonzales in trying to get John Ashcroft, in ICU in a hospital, to rubber stamp the noxious eavesdropping program. There […]

Jerry Falwell almost presided over my wedding nearly a decade ago. The reason why he didn’t speaks volumes about why American Christianity will take a long time to recover from his kind of faith. It was 1999, during the dotcom […]

It is always worth reading what Billy Graham has to say: Statement by Evangelist Billy Graham On the Death of Rev. Jerry Falwell Charlotte, May 15, 2007 “Jerry Falwell was a close personal friend for many years. We did not […]

Jerry Falwell has died, and so the discussion begins. Usually words about those recently passed are whitewashed to extol every virtue and ignore every vice, but Jerry Falwell’s position and life demand as honest an examination as possible. Three Sundays […]

I want to extend my condolences to Rev. Jerry Falwell’s family, congregation, and university community. Death is always the enemy and it is the enemy here. One day, however, Jesus promises that those who follow him will live again. That […]

…very sick.

Mayor Giuliani’s abortion talk gets more and more muddled. For starters there was his debate performance where he was for and against and for and against abortion. Then, last week he gave a major speech saying he was absolutely and […]

Last week my friend Cal Thomas highlighted the fact that D. James Kennedy’s Center for Reclaiming America for Christ and Center for Christian Statesmanship – long-time members of the conservative Christian coalition – was closing its doors. Cal wrote hopefully: […]