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From today’s NYT in an article about the amazing disparity in income between chief executives and those in proximity to them: But the widening disparities in business, which show up in a variety of other ways, reflect a dynamic that […]

I have a friend – I will not reveal her sex, her liberal politics, or which website employs her, to protect her identity. We were talking recently about writing and the book that she longs to write. The only problem […]

Billy Graham’s library opening and Jerry Falwell’s funeral provide massive insights into the power of Jesus’s Gospel and its impact on politics. At Rev. Falwell’s funeral this week none of the important political people he spent his life trying to […]

It is called the Food Stamp Challenge. Begun by a bipartisan group of congressmen, the challenge is to live: …on an average food stamp budget — just $3 a day – …for one week in order to raise visibility and […]

The most telling snippet of White House spin on John Ashcroft came at the end of of Sunday’s WaPo article on his “complex tenure:” “They resented some of his showboating,” said a former White House aide who did not want […]

…from a reader: Are there “just” wars? What are the criteria? How do we respond to an “unjust” war and do we participate? This has been asked from the time of Augustine. I am saddened that so many evangelical Christians […]

President Carter’s remarks about President Bush were further out of bounds than… (fill in a metaphor that works for you). In our day and age of political harshness, of the politics of divide and conquer, of everything else nasty going […]

Applause and applause for the immigration compromise. America needs to be known for our compassion – we once were. Newt Gingrich calls it a “compromise of every conservative principle” – if that is the case then conservative principles need a […]

At Jerry Falwell’s beloved university, a new generation of Christians are maturing and they are… not what you would think of when you think of Falwell students. Take, for example, this blog post by a student named Johnnie: When Christians […]

Ok, per comments, I will give heads up on future media appearances – there aren’t any. 🙂 Here, however, are links to some I did this week: NPR “All Things Considered” Larry King Live – here and here and here […]