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May 2007 Archives

Today in New Hampshire, Gov. Romney heard this from a restaurant patron: “I’m one person who will not vote for a Mormon,” Al Michaud of Dover shouted at Romney when the former Massachusetts governor approached him inside Harvey’s Bakery. Romney …Read More

I watch and listen to President Bush of late and am thrilled at the compassionate conservative he is again. On immigration he has worked out a bill that to fix a broken immigration system by granting a path to citizenship …Read More

I’ve been asked why I love things like the iphone or why something like Microsoft’s new “surface” make me smile. I realize the answer. Hope. Every new device, every new bauble and fangle and jingle and jangle give this sense …Read More

This morning, President Bush following up on Darfur with sanctions – good for him for upping the pressure. Please, please more.

An interesting article this morning about a very, very popular professor at Iowa State who was apparently denied tenure because he held positive views about intelligent design: An assistant professor who supports intelligent design and was denied tenure at Iowa …Read More

A reader writes in response to my short post on Darfur: Rage? Why isn’t “Allah” doing anything about the suffering in Darfur? It is his Muslims causing it. This reader has posted frequently in the past about how liberals are …Read More

It is hard to escape a sickening thought about the hell going on in Darfur – that one day Jesus will judge us for what we did and did not do to help. Question that? Read what he had to …Read More

Pacific231 reminded me of Graham’s speech at the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. I was there at the National Cathedral that amazing day and will always remember the aged Graham standing for peace amidst the cries to kill: Today …Read More

…another reader: When the richest 50% of our society owns 97.2% of all wealth and the bottom 50% owning only 2.8% of all wealth, it is difficult for me to sit here and agree with your reasoning. When 18% of …Read More

from a reader: Re: “Lets talk about big bucks” If I buy a new car or get a raise does that mean you are somehow worse off? Of course not! People in this country are so focused on how they …Read More