J Walking

I have a friend – I will not reveal her sex, her liberal politics, or which website employs her, to protect her identity. We were talking recently about writing and the book that she longs to write.

The only problem with the book, she said, is that the proposal is only half written.

How good it would be, I suggested, if someone could issue threats to writers – threats that if they delayed their writing they would meet with an untimely and gruesome end. Most writers, after all, do have that procrastination gene. I emailed her such a threat. She didn’t much believe me. She mocked me. I guess I’m not a credible threat.

I had to come up with another plan. I did and let us all hold her to it. If she does not finish that book proposal by July 1st she must donate $100 to Pat Robertson’s ministry – someone that she wouldn’t normally consider as the object of her financial gifts. In addition, she’ll be writing an essay to appear in this very blog, about how liberals like her failed to appreciate Dr. Robertson’s many virtues.

She seems motivated…

[NOTE – for all those who would read this literally and accuse me of somehow equating Dr. Robertson with the mob or anything like it please note that this is written with tongue firmly in cheek]

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