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from a reader:

Re: “Lets talk about big bucks”

If I buy a new car or get a raise does that mean you are somehow worse off? Of course not!

People in this country are so focused on how they are doing compared to other people….as opposed to looking at how they are doing today compared to how they were last year and how their parents were before them.

You said they were getting rich “on the backs of the poor.” That’s not true. Yes, the rich are getting richer…but so are the poor.

CEOs and corporate executives get paid high salaries because they run companies that are bigger (financially speaking) than many countries. This is no joke. They are getting paid these “ridiculously high” salaries because obviously some people in these organizations value what they provide and believe it is well worth the investment.

Wealth is a good thing. It provides an opportunity for individuals and companies to do good work. Look at Buffett and Gates today. Look at how many of our charities are funded by private donations. Many of our nation’s top libraries, museums, theaters, art center, etc were all privately funded by the so-called super rich.

Making money is not bad. It’s not injustice to be rich. It’s what we do with our money that counts.

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