Is it the End of the World?

Is it the End of the World?

Move the Embassy? Right.

posted by jfletcher

We get it each presidential election cycle: campaign promises that evaporate after the party is over.

This year, a particularly annoying promise is again sure to be broken.

“I will move America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!”

No, you won’t.

In 1995, Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act. It required the U.S. embassy to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by May 1999.

We’re still waiting. Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama have each issued waivers of the Act, ensuring that American officials pretend Jerusalem is not Israel’s capitol, so as not to offend the Palestinians during the ongoing Oslo charade.

Yet each election cycle, candidates (usually on the Republican side, although Hillary Clinton during her Senate run in 1999 told a wealthy backer that she would support the move of the embassy) promise to be the president who will move it.


I don’t believe any of them.

The border between East and West: Jerusalem's Old City.

The border between East and West: Jerusalem’s Old City.

Ironically, if one were to do it, it would be a maverick like Donald Trump. Sadly, I can’t believe the Republican candidate considered to be closest to a true conservative (and who identifies as a Christian supporter of Israel), Ted Cruz.


I think Ted Cruz would not lift a finger to move the embassy. He just wants votes.

Since 1967, American administrations have pretended that the Palestinians would live in peace with the Israelis, if only they had their own state. Yet polling data consistently shows that upwards of two-thirds of Palestinians support violence against Israel. Two Palestinian Authority leaders — Yasser Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas — have refused Israeli proposals that place the Jewish state’s security at risk by agreeing to borders and a Palestinian capitol in east Jerusalem.

A Palestinian state.

Jihadists who hold international diplomacy hostage would be taken down a peg or 30 if Western leaders had the courage of moral conviction by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing fully the legitimacy of the state of Israel.

Our current leaders do not have it. And there is no one on the horizon.


Seminar: Israel and the International Community

posted by jfletcher

This coming week, I am privileged to speak at a pro Israel seminar in California. Hosted by my great friend, Pastor Chris Quintana, the event will take place (and be live-streamed) at Calvary Chapel Cypress.

Beginning Sunday evening and running through Monday (March 13 and 14), speakers include Dr. Alex Grobman, a leading Holocaust scholar; Scott Feinerman of the Israeli Tourism Ministry; and Amb. Uri Bar-Ner, former Israeli ambassador to Turkey.

Be sure and tell your friends to tune into this unique seminar, and if you’re in the southern California area, join us!



Evangelicals Opposing Israel

posted by jfletcher

The so-called “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference is going on right now in Bethlehem. This of course is the biblical city where Jesus Christ was born. It was also the first seat of government for King David 3,000 years ago.

Tragically, the town today is a gathering of anti-Jewish and anti-Christian Zionist propagandists who are promoting Liberation Theology—a view that lifts Scripture out of context to describe alleged abuses of Palestinians by Israeli “occupiers.”

Labberton speaking at CATC, Bethlehem.

Labberton speaking at CATC, Bethlehem.


Sadly, Fuller Seminary President Mark Labberton is speaking at the conference. According to a report from the conference, Labberton:

“He argues that the gospel is an explicit message of social, political, religious and moral redemption – in equal parts.”

This kind of left-wing ideology is shockingly coming from an evangelical institution. Although, Fuller is now deeply involved in left-wing activities, including sending students to a place called “Palestine” to come back and advocate for the Palestinian narrative and Liberation Theology. This from a seminary that turns-out next-generation pastors.

Shame on Fuller, and shame on Mark Labberton.


Is Christian Media Relevant? Doubtful

posted by jfletcher

A recent blurb in Relevant magazine underscores some weaknesses of the modern Church.

The news item, titled “Did Archaeologists Just Find Evidence of the Real Hezekiah?” tells us that King Hezekiah’s existence is well documented in the Old Testament, but in a subtle nod to doubt, we are also told that until recently, there’s never been any physical proof that he lived.

Then, the kicker:

“However, because it was found on contested land, some researchers are skeptical of the discovery, and say more research needs to be done to confirm its authenticity.”

A couple of things are going on here, thanks to the magazine’s editors.



First, they consciously avoid standing on the sufficiency of Scripture. In other words, for a believer, if the Bible records a person’s life, or an event, that should be settled history. This is akin to the often-maligned bumper sticker: “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” Such primitive religious fervor is usually dismissed and laughed at by religious sophisticates.

Yet if the Bible is truly God’s Word, then we actually shouldn’t require physical evidence of anything, in order to believe. Too, it is fashionable in the circles Relevant runs in to wrestle with and even embrace doubt.

It’s the philosophical flavor-of-the-month.

Next, Relevant never misses an opportunity to undermine Israel’s legitimacy. This too is subtle in the above blurb, because we are told that the Hezekiah artifact was found on “contested land.” This would be the West Bank, or what the Bible refers to as Judea and Samaria. It is precisely this plot of ground that the Palestinians officially claim as a future state (increasingly, they brazenly claim all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, long a mantra of the PLO).


So there we have it: erasing history because it might authenticate Jewish history. Relevant is very comfortable promoting the Palestinian Narrative, which continually seeks to undermine Israel’s historical legitimacy, among other things.

Many, many Christian leaders in America today have a real problem with Jewish history and Jewish identity. Too often, such “leaders” say openly that they don’t see a connection between modern Israelis and the ancient Israelites. This is a neat trick that allows them to embrace the concept of the “Israel of God,” or the Church, which in their minds has assumed the promises of God once delivered to the Jewish people. This is classic Replacement Theology and is the worldview of denominational and ministry leaders coast-to-coast.

Unfortunately, Christian media help perpetuate doubts about Israel and the Jews.

Hezekiah is probably spinning in his grave.

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