Is it the End of the World?

Is it the End of the World?

Kay Wilson—Choosing Life

posted by jfletcher

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the horrific Palestinian terror attack on my friend, Kay Wilson, and her friend, Kristine Luken. Kay survived, somehow; Kristine, a Christian, did not.

Their attackers targeted them because they were looking to kill Jews. Ironically, Kristine was a person who exhibited Christian love, yet because of mistaken identity, she was brutally stabbed and murdered.

I think, though, that of the many lessons in this story, there are two things that come to my mind:

•Kristine and Kay are the best examples of genuine love between Jews and Christians, who today fight a common enemy. Even in the Holocaust, there were a few Christians — “Righteous Gentiles”—who refused to turn over Jews to the Nazi barbarians. As a Christian, I love Jews simply because I do. There is no other agenda. They are a noble people, often besieged, but personal commitment to them is lasting.



•Kay Wilson, an Israeli, exemplifies power…the right kind of power. If I may say it this way, Kay symbolizes the good version of The Triumph of the Will. She doesn’t hate, she works for reconciliation and understanding. And she, slight of build and forever wearing scars from her attack, is also tough and undefeated.

Just like the Jewish people.


Below is an account of the day that changed two women forever. Hopefully, it will change many more, for we must understand our enemy and meet him on a multi-front war. Civilization is under attack, but ultimately, as a Christian, I believe Good will triumph over evil.

Here’s to Kay and Kristine!

“ISRAEL CHOOSES LIFE: Four years ago today Israeli tour guide Kay Wilson and her American Christian friend Kristine Luken were brutally attacked with machetes by Palestinian terrorists. During the course of the attack Kay stabbed her attacker with her small knife. She then played dead and despite 13-machete wounds and 30 broken bones, she walked a mile, gagged and bound until she found help. His blood on her knife lead to the capture of a 13-man Palestinian terror cell who confessed to the murder of Kristine simply because they thought she was Jewish.


“Today Kay’s story could have been one of bitterness. Instead, it is one of hope. She now shares her story worldwide as a speaker for StandWithUs:
‘My survival is a testimony to where hatred and incitement leads, yet my survival is also a witness to ‘choosing life,’ which is the mandate of our people. I hope that my story will continue to honour Kristine’s memory and provide a strong and necessary defence of my beautiful Israel.'”


Jesus Unmasked

posted by jfletcher

Jesus Christ…the most famous figure in world history.

According to the apostle John:

“Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” (John 21:25)

Yet, for all His fame, the Son of God has been given many identities by scholars and laity alike, down through the ages. For Bible-believing Christians, He is the very Redeemer, the long-awaited Messiah.

For liberals — whose influence in universities, conferences, and publishing has deceived many — Jesus is merely a sage, a powerful teacher.

But nothing more.

I am always wary of new books that claim to reveal the true Jesus. Christ Himself warned his disciples (recorded in Matthew 24) about deception, and the claims many in the future would make as to His identity.


So it is that I’ve happened upon a brilliant new book that presents the biblical Jesus, the only One in fact that really exists. The false Jesus of the “Jesus Seminar” folks, or the one grudgingly acknowledged by other faiths, is not the Jesus who came to pay the penalty for sin, thus paving the way for man’s reconciliation with his Creator.

Todd Friel understands this. The popular radio host and speaker uses his nimble mind to “pull the mask off” Jesus in Jesus Unmasked: The Truth Will Shock You (New Leaf Publishing Group).

I’ve been aware of Friel’s work for some time, and enjoy very much his ability to stick a pin in the balloon of false teaching. It’s why I knew this book would be terrific…and it is that and more.


The host of the almost-comically named “Wretched Radio” offers here an apologetic that helps readers know Jesus Christ, and if they already know Him, the book is a masterful apologetic for reaching those who need Christ’s singular healing message.

Jesus Unmasked

In Jesus Unmasked, Friel reveals the true Jesus Christ step-by-step, going back to the days He walked the earth:

“With hindsight, it is easy to judge people for being confused about Jesus. Knowing the whole story allows us to wonder, ‘How could they not know that Jesus was the fulfillment of hundreds of Old Testament prophecies?’


“Perhaps they would have known that Jesus was indeed the Messiah who came to be the Savior of the world if they had just known their Old Testament better.”

Here, Friel puts his finger on a large problem: the overall lack of biblical knowledge, which is no better in our day. In fact, it might be worse, as poll after poll indicate that a thorough understanding of the Bible is uncommon in 21st century America.

Frankly, what makes Jesus Unmasked so appealing, so gripping, is Friel’s intellectual case that pierces the heart. In other words, he makes it relatively easy for readers to deduce exactly Who Jesus Christ is, and can be for the individual who believes.

As Friel states, Jesus is either myth or Messiah.

No middle ground.


Rewarding the Innovators

posted by jfletcher

Untold News, an Israel advocacy group based in New York, is making headway explaining the marvelous innovations produced by the Jewish state. To add a fine point to the popularity of the Untold News platform (now with more than 350,000 “likes” on Facebook), founder Marcella Rosen has announced that the group will hold an awards dinner to honor innovators on Wednesday, November 12, 2014, at the Harmony Club in New York.

“We will offer a $10,000 cash award for each recipient,” Rosen says. Untold News will also send the recipients on a short media tour to Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. “We plan to do this annually,” Rosen adds. The awards will recognize inventions of the last year.

Untold News features stories about Israeli achievers who excel in improving technological, agricultural, and medical fields. Whether it’s fish farming, desalination, or providing world-class medical care regardless of a patient’s background, Israel provides hope for millions around the world. These stories serve as a dramatic counterweight to the negative portrayals of Israel from international media.


Rosen feels the awards dinner will serve as a further spotlight on stories unknown to much of the general public. She is excited about the focus on innovators.

“Criteria are that they improve the human condition and have a ‘wow factor,’ and have a global impact. In each case, there are two applications: from scientific institutions and universities. Those interested in applying for consideration should get a dean or professor to endorse their nomination. Each applicant also must be an Israeli citizen.”

The two categories — science and technology — promise to focus on “up-and-coming” innovators. Rosen also emphasized that applicants must be able to speak English well enough to be interviewed by media.

“We want to celebrate the inventors and we want to get press coverage, to see how Israeli has impacted lives,” Rosen says. “People really aren’t aware of this and Israeli is such a valuable partner to the US.”


Ten nominees will be selected, and the names will then be sent to a jury. A single meeting will produce the winners.

The jury will be made up of prominent American academics, businesspeople, and others. To date nine have signed on:
• Joel Citron, venture capitalist, CEO, Tenth Avenue Holdings
• Dr. Barry Coller, Chief Medical Officer at Rockefeller University
• Alisa Doctoroff, President, UJA
• Margie Fox, Chief Creative Officer at Devries
• Heidi Jacobus, CEO of Cybernet Systems
• Eric Kandel, Nobel Laureate and professor at Columbia
• Morris Offit, CEO of Offit Capital
• David Schizer, just stepping down as Dean of Columbia Law School
• Tony Tether, former head of DARPA ($3 billion US government department to expedite scientific progress)

Those interested will find applications on the Untold News website —


4 July, 1976

posted by jfletcher

Israel today is besieged by fanatical jihadists. Three boys are murdered by Palestinian terrorists and the world’s reaction is annoyance with the Jewish state.

What kind of insanity are we living in?

From its founding in 1987, the terrorist group Hamas has been sworn to Israel’s destruction. This isn’t hyperbole. I’ve seen in Jerusalem bodies hanging out bombed-out bus windows…all done in the name of Allah, jihad, fire and blood.

Yet Jimmy Carter has offered himself as a clueless interlocutor for these fiends, visiting Hamas leaders and “monitoring” elections in Gaza. You know what it means to monitor elections in a totalitarian, sharia culture, don’t you? It means you say the right things and pretend, so that you don’t end up starring in a beheading video.


And the current American president urges “restraint” on Israel, in the wake of these brutal murders.

An EU official clucks his tongue that the Europeans are getting tired of Israeli “settlers” building on their ancestral homeland.

Hey, over here. The story is the march of global jihad, with the white-hot conflict going on in the Middle East as the epicenter.

We have been mired in this madness on a colossal scale since 1994, when the Americans and their Western allies put the squeeze on Israel to accept the serial killer, Yasser Arafat, as a “peace partner.” They cleaned him up, gave him a shave and a hot meal, and trotted this killer of women and children out as a fantasy. He spent 13 nights in the Lincoln bedroom, as the guest of Bill Clinton. The Palestinian terror infrastructure was gifted with a quasi-government, billions in foreign aid, and a launch pad to attempt Israel’s destruction.


It was not always this way.

Thirty-eight summers ago today, Israel dealt with terrorists the old-fashioned way. At the height of tension over the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) hijacking of a French passenger jet, a team of elite counter-terrorism commandos poured out of planes in the dead of night at a remote Ugandan airport, Entebbe.

Dawn in Jerusalem

Dawn in Jerusalem


They managed to completely surprise the terrorists holding 105 Jewish men, women, and children at the airport terminal. Israel’s legendary unit, Sayeret Matkal, burst in the front door, firing at terrorists, all the while shouting at the hostages to stay down. The actual and efficient elimination of the terrorists and the loading of passengers onto waiting C 130 planes took an hour and they were then flown to freedom.

What happened to us?

The cowardice of the international community, the feckless and grotesquely unfeeling White House, the furious Palestinian propaganda being pumped into the American Church by evangelical leaders…this soggy mess in the face of lethal and existential threats brought on by jihadists is almost disorienting. Where is the leadership?


Israel is savaged in the international media, including by dupes such as the Christian writer Donald Miller, as if they were Nazis roaming through Palestinian villages.

Let me tell you something.

There is no more moral army in the world than the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF sends its sons to fight house-to-house in Palestinian terror towns and villages, so as to minimize civilian casualties.

I once visited with Surin Hershko, a member of the force that went to Entebbe. He told me that he would go again if called on.

And he told me this from a wheelchair. Surin was shot by a Ugandan that hot summer night long ago as he raced up a flight of stairs. Why did his adversary have the advantage to fire first? Because the rescue force had been ordered to be acutely mindful of civilians, so Surin’s finger was not on the trigger of his weapon. The man who shot Surin through the neck was gripping the arm of a woman as they passed in the night.


Surin Hershko has been a quadriplegic for 39 years because he is a moral human being.

Not so the enemies of him and his people. They are a death cult that will eventually burn out in that ring of fire and blood they rage about.

Meanwhile, the Protector of Israel will go on protecting His people and if Bible skeptics think that’s a quaint view, well, keep pushing daisies into the barrel of rifles and marinating in your own intellectual awesomeness. The rest of us will notice that God declares He will preserve Israel and the Jewish people long after their tormentors await the Final Judgment.

On this Fourth of July, I salute my own beloved country and I salute the true shining city on a hill, the nation of Israel.

Am Yisrael Chai.

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