God's Comic

During this Thanksgiving Holiday I believe it is important to take a moment to thank God for the little things that often get ignored or neglected in our hectic lives. Lots of football will be watched over Thanksgiving for example, which reminds us to take time and say a little prayer thanking God for commercials. Why commercials you ask? Thus proving my point that we as Americans often neglect to realize the crucial theological principle that what Satan meant for evil God uses for our good.

Commercials were first implemented in the 50”s I believe when T.V. was in its infancy and no one knew how important it would be to create moments in a program, mini intermissions if you will, that advertise some unnecessary junk in order to give we the viewers our cue to go to the bathroom, make a sandwich or put on our pajamas.

Over time of course it became obvious that there wasn’t enough triviality we could do to occupy and numb our minds to the point of distraction in order to avoid the commercials and thus we actually found ourselves sitting through them.

Thus we had to endure things like the makers of exercise products that preach having the body of your dreams comes not by exercise anymore but by buying an overpriced machine that is fun to use, requires no effort, and trims your waistline while reducing fat and you do nothing but strap it on and eat pizza which proves that the new axiom in retail is no longer “the customer is always right” but instead a more accurate 2012 version is “the customer is always a rube”.

We should be thankful for this serendipitous situation of course because with this insidious relentless hammering to our skulls of these insipid and creativity crushing vignettes singing the praises of toilet paper and feminine hygiene products (none of which ever needed to be advertised considering we all are well aware of their usefulness) that it finally became too much for some computer/ technology geek who found them so repulsive he actually spent a Sunday afternoon once not watching football but instead figuring out a way to record T.V. in real time, pause it when we needed to leave the area and when we returned have the omnipotent option of fast forwarding through the commercials to get right to the action and thus Tivo was born.

All thanks to commercials and our disdain for them. Of course Tivo evolved into every cable box in America that can now “stop” time and forward past the boring parts, which if we were able to do in our real lives would make our journey so much shorter but a heck of a lot of fun!

It’s comforting to know that though the Lord finds Himself in the unenviable position often times of having to let our fallen status catch up to us in the form of pain and temptation, even God finds Himself feeling compelled to intervene in our affairs when it comes to certain forms of hell on earth like commercials.

So I wish everyone a happy and grateful Thanksgiving. Be sure and use your TV program recording device I whatever flavor you prefer to save yourself aggravation, and maybe take a moment to bow your head and give a quick shout-out to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who if T.V. was around in his day I believe would have, like that fruitless fig tree, found the desire to curse and damn commercials a tough temptation to dodge and probably would have been one of Satan’s most devious temptations in the wilderness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi my friends.

With the Holidays once again upon us I think of the gratefulness I have for my wife who has walked with and put up with me for 22 years. That being said I stumbled upon this blog I wrote in Aug of 2009 which is 5 years ago. ( or 12 years ago if you believe in common core math)

I find it fascinating what I was thinking about then and how it seems to have been somewhat prophetic.

It’s not one of my funny ones, but I found it interesting.

What do you think?…….

How many times have you considered the “purpose” of marriage? That’s right the purpose. For thousands of years we as a human race have gotten married for one reason only, to have children.

Though children can be created without marriage the purpose of marriage was the guarantee that they would be raised and nurtured by one woman and one man. Not only is that the ONLY combination that can create children, it is the only combination that guarantees that the child from day one will be nurtured in the ways of life by a female and male perspective.

Each gender has an intrinsically unique understanding of life and how it works based on the fact that we are biologically different in our makeup as well as the chemical composition, I.E. testosterone or estrogen. When two humans that love and are committed to each other create a child there is an indefinable bond that is instilled in them that is virtually impossible for someone to understand that has never had a child of their own.

If you are a neo-Darwinist natures “survival” instinct defines the male/female union not only as normative but essential. Any human scenario that can’t or won’t procreate is weeded out and destroyed as a drain on evolutionary non-directed progress. I know it sounds harsh but then again Darwinism provides no place for sentiment.

After all it believes in a closed universe that has no purpose OTHER than procreation since survival is all there is and ever will be amen. I believe it was Dawkins that stated the “universe never had you in mind”. (I love how the Darwinist meta-physical religion always has to give cognitive skills and autonomy to a merciless and mindless universe. Even materialistic driven science T.V. programming describing biology constantly refers to the “design” of a species.

There inability to observe their own irrational faith driven ideology as impossibly inconsistent with the way humans live would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic). As a Christian my belief in absolute truth on the other hand provides purpose and dignity for humanity.

It also by its revealed truth establishes norms that are beyond utilitarian and instead into purpose that does allow for altruism and compassion, and in the case of mother father union, love and guidance for the offspring.
None of which derives from or can exist from an evolutionary model. I also believe God shadows the spiritual world by using 3 dimensional examples of His universal truth.

For example the Judeo/Christian God says that He created them male/female. We are individual and separate from each other yet we are told when we unite sexually we are literally one flesh.

Think of this! Two unique beings that become one and create an entirely new human! Now we have three humans that are all separate but equal simultaneously. The child equally the mom and dad yet separate. Sound familiar?

3 separate beings that are at once “one” yet at once separate. This is the mysterious trinity in real time. You know, without the burning bushes, tongues of fire and walking on water that sort of sets the original in a class of His/Their own.

I have a certain perspective on marriage in that I am a child of divorce. The ripping away of the family unit by two people in supposed covenant has proven statistically over the years the price of a fatherless culture when it comes to crime and jail time. The abuse of children by step-spouses or a boyfriend/girlfriend non-married union is beyond speculation.

I also realize that you can raise a functioning adult from a single parent and same sex scenario that ends up better than some kids that come from a normal situation. But we didn’t use to gauge value based on aberrations. We always STARTED from the best-case scenario and made due with the lesser.

The idea of marriage being sacred and crucial to society is why children born out of wedlock were called “bastards” and given a social stigma as punishment to the progenitors in order to hopefully shame them into the responsibility that was expected with the privilege of having children.
I say all this with the absolute assurance that one day soon any and every “form” of “marriage” will exist in our country. Gay marriage is a guarantee.

Eventually polygamists will win in court for being denied the option by consenting adults to engage in whatever form of marriage humans chose to create. This is post-modernism. This is culture driven morality. Only in death will we held accountable for our choice to “love” others by demanding no moral perimeters.

Only in death will we discover the price of believing human desire should become law and any behavior we choose becomes our right. In death does the Creator of rights become final arbitor.

Well fall is finally here and that always brings with it those beautiful colors and symbols that we all cherish and hang on to as a nation. Of course I am referring to blood, corpses and fear. Halloween is right around the corner, I know that because the moment you walk around the corner someone or something will be there to jump out and scare the crap out of you!

I guess I am a little sentimental but I recall when October ushered in the color of autumn leaves, gourds and Indian corn. Nowhere did we find it important to celebrate death, or did we?

If you think about it, and you probably didn’t but fear not, that’s why God invented me, so I could do the thinking for you, fall was the celebration of death. The beautiful; “fall colors” of the leaves is the result of the leaves passing away but going out in a blaze of glory..literally.

Halloween on the other hand celebrates skeletons and rotted corpses. Nowhere does it indicate that something good happened here and we should be optimistic. Yet with leaves there is this unique call back to the rainbow.

The Bible said that after the devastating flood that forever let the world know the consequences of sin and rebellion, God set a rainbow in the sky to tell humanity He would never again allow the world to be destroyed by flood, and so the rainbow not only gave us a promise, but hope that the sun is coming again soon.

Fall leaves are dead, but they die spectacularly, and when they do they are to remind us to fear not, I am coming back in the spring! Yes death is all around us, BUT, there is a resurrection day when all will be healed and reunited with their loved ones. As far as skeletons go, not so much. They remind us that death is final and that all that is left of our hopes and dreams and a life well lived is a fleshless carcass that has lost so much human dignity it is now considered a prop for the entertainment of the living.

Why does fear sell? Normally to be frightened is a bad thing so why spend 10 bucks at the theater to pay someone to scare us? Why attend a haunted house knowing full well you are going to be scared, unless it is because we know in the end we are safe. This is controlled fear that actually isn’t dangerous at all.

This is the feeling that we are avoiding the real evil of death by experiencing the horror without the actual results. By making light of it, we fool ourselves into believing we are somehow in control.

We’re not of course, God is. The good news is when we go knocking on His door we can expect more than a Snickers bar. Happy Halloween my friends, because as Christ followers we actually CAN laugh at death!

Did I ever tell you the story about the city of Atlanta taking down the “Men at work” signs from road construction over a complaint by the editor of a feminist magazine that it was discriminatory by not including women?

Is nothing too paranoid for the PC-eople? So THAT’S how men have been dominating civilization for thousands of years, by our ingenious master plan to brainwash humanity into believing men were superior by the insidious manipulation of roadsigns!

First of all, your dorkness, have you ever driven past road crews

The sign “Men at work” has NEVER been accurate. The signs should have read “SOME Men at work … most just watching.”

But it’s the word “Men” that has her aghast. Apparently some PC feminists believe the tradition of using the word man, as an all-encompassing word referring to “mankind” is impossible for uneducated women to grasp.

So they insult these women by demanding the word change, lest we as a society oppress them by expecting them to pick up a book now and again.

Men really could care less, but the three road workers who are female must have been devastated to find they were lumped into the insulting category of being part of the human race.

Those followers of the religion of Political Correctness are experts in the art of finding prejudice where it never existed before. It’s a cheap way to get power.

Heck even the word human could be manipulated into an insult on a slow day just to show the paranoid possibilities of the PC fundamentalists.

I’m waiting for the news story stating the word human is insulting to feminists because it has the word“man” in it and is secret code for “hu-man,” as in the Tarzan language of “yu-man?” “me-man too!”

I’m surprised feminists haven’t picked up on that yet. They could make a lot of money suing dictionaries for discrimination. A truly inclusive society would rename the word human to hu-person.

Notice that wherever men are slighted in culture by traditions slanted towards women, we never say a word. Proof, I guess, of men’s superiority when it comes to not whining. Feminists could learn from us.

Men aren’t asking all the great ocean liners named after women be renamed as males: (“What’s this Queen Mary nonsense, let’s call the ship King Fred!”) Why? Because we are more tolerant and enlightened?

No. Frankly we just don’t give a crap! Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces on earth. Yet when we so honored women by only giving hurricanes feminine names, feminists found THAT insulting too, and now we alternate guy-girl hurricane names.

OK, so you don’t want to be associated with an unstoppable wind, but the great ocean going vessels are fine. What shortsightedness!

Political Correctness is unrelenting when it comes to idiocy. Fireman is now fire fighter. But policeman hasn’t changed. It will, the girls just haven’t figured out what to call them yet.

Policeperson sounds stupid even to them. Spokesman is now spokesperson, yet mankind isn’t people-kind. Waitress is server – because apparently everyone knows that just waiting on someone is MUCH more degrading then being his or her servant.

Folks, we need to be constantly diligent in not just calling them on this nonsense but destroying it. We can’t just comment on this junk, we need to actively eliminate it and quit buckling to these “victims” who thrive through extortion because they are incapable of persuading the masses.

How could they? Their ideas suck!

We must move forward without a pause or all will be lost, because everyone knows what happens when