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Shut that baby up!

posted by Brad Stine

Traveling today on an airplane next to the infamous crying. Screaming fidgety babies, while annoying, don’t bother me that much. Granted it’s unpleasant, but having had 2 kids myself I have the expertise to educate the baby-less in this little known fact.

Believe it or not, one cannot reason with an infant. This always makes me consider why people are so intolerant of the mini human. It is selfishness and hypocrisy to the nth degree. Why? First off, we’ve all been the crying baby at least once in their life. Somewhere somebody’s memory of traveling was the horrific non-stop screaming of a baby, and that baby was you!

We don’t remember being the out of control infant because we were too young and self absorbed to recall or frankly to care, kind of a metaphor for our adult life and how God puts up with us huh? The crying baby really only understands one thing at this stage in their life, whatever they want they want now!

Being as they are unable to articulate their need, from hunger, to can you remove this foreign substance from my pants; they do all they know how to do…scream.

Is it selfish, of course? Because frankly they aren’t aware there are others in the universe yet. What they have learned quickly is if you feel hungry and scream, suddenly your needs are met and the hunger goes away. As we mature some of us are taught that what we desire doesn’t suddenly become out “right”.

The Christian concept of putting others needs ahead of yourself is what sets us apart from our nature. We discipline ourselves to become servants to all in order to demonstrate what Christ did for humanity. It’s a lot of responsibility to be “like Christ” Especially because if we are late and something bad happens, we get fired, or get a ticket, or miss the game, which is why God invented cable TV.

When Jesus was late and somebody DIED, He had the option to revive them. Showing off? Sure. But if I was the Son of God stuck amongst a bunch of knuckleheads, I suppose a few miracles would help pass the time as well as set up some interesting dinner conversation. “Peter what did you do today? Oh I fished on the sea, and you Lord? Oh ..I walked across it.

So in the future when you come across the crying baby, perhaps the Christian thing to do would be to see if you could help the poor mother or frustrated dad. The least we can do is be compassionate, understanding and a little less self-absorbed.

The irony is these “adults” that sigh in disgust, keep looking back in anger and loathing are actually acting more like babies than the crying one. You see the crying baby doesn’t have a choice, we do.

The Atheist Missionary

posted by Brad Stine

You know my fellow Americans, when it comes to military service, shouldn’t there be at least some basic requirements?

When I think of a serviceman, I think of John Wayne, George Washington or Patton! I think of a rough and tumble, gritty, pull no punches man’s man!

The military is no place for the weak or the faint of heart so why is it that the military seems to be run nowadays by people who behave literally like spoiled children?

Let me explain.

A cadet at the United States Air Force Academy recently wrote down a verse from the Bible that inspired him and he posted it on his door outside his dorm room.

It was at this point that a man the President Obama consulted in regards to how to more effectively institutionalize bigotry and destroy the 1st amendment rights of military personal, got involved.

You should know his name since if you are a religious believer he hates your Liberty. His name is Mikey Weinstein and is an atheist missionary. He despises religious freedom, so consequently in this era in America he must be the logical choice as director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Atheists have been great at hiding their ideological destruction of religious Liberties for years and they always have a clever name to sound all encompassing. The American Civil Liberties Union for example which was also founded by a communist I might add.

So anyway, “Mikey” said he got a complaint from some other cadets and a couple faculty and staff members and “Mikey” stated, and I quote that “it made for a hostile working environment at the academy.

For those of you without a law degree let me help define this concept. Because a cadet at the Academy wrote down a 2000 year old scripture verse that inspired him and he placed it on his own door, clearly stating that this was important to him, some other cadets saw the verse, started crying and hyperventilating and went to tell “Mikey” how sad they were.

Notice what didn’t happen.

No one was forbidden to write their own inspiring verse on their own door, no one was commanded to read the verse, or salute it or memorize it.

Instead, they are taught like children that if they don’t like something instead of having the maturity, courage and virtue to respect someone else’s divers viewpoint they have “Mikey” to run to, and “Mikey” will scream and pout and call it “pouring fundamentalist Christian gasoline on an already raging out-of-control conflagration of fundamentalist Christian tyranny, exceptionalism and supremacy at USAFA”.

Really “Mikey”, hey Hyperbole just called, he wants to take lessons from you.

The blatant anti-Christian, anti-religious anti-1st Amendment bigotry by little “Mikey” is obvious only to those who see Liberty as sacred.

“Mikey” had this personal message removed and I ask my fellow Americans, when something is removed are we left with more Liberty, or less?

Also notice that these “brave” offended cadets and staff were courageous enough to complain to “Mikey” but not brave enough to confront the cadet on their own, or to have their names published, which begs the question, how do we know this story of complaints is even true?

We already have numerous cases of waitresses forging anti black and anti gay screeds on receipts, designed to insult and disparage Christians in order for the offended to garner sympathy and in some cases receive compensation.

Considering Christians are the target of these frauds and now complaints which are designed to hurt, defame, marginalize and censor Christian’s only in America, perhaps this should be considered a hate crime?

What do you think “Mikey” you ready to defend Christians in the military from YOU AND YOUR GROUP?

Why not kid, now you can double your income!



Fast cars and no seat belts

posted by Brad Stine

Americans know what they want when it comes to cars. We love convertibles for example because it’s the open air. It’s part of our heritage. Americans love to travel, and we are the experts. We travel everywhere we go, otherwise, we wouldn’t get anywhere. We are the lineage of a people that were willing to die for an idea. You had to be a special breed of human to start America. People came in boats in the 16th century. Boats!

They traveled months through heavy seas and if you don’t think that was courageous, they brought their kids! Kids on a 6-month journey! I can’t travel 4 blocks with my kids and their whining w/o wanting to hit myself in the head with a hammer! Not the sea traveling kids, they didn’t complain. They threw up a lot, but they didn’t complain. Then the Eastern seaboard was created but that wasn’t enough for these visionaries. They traveled west to create this free Republic and got in covered wagons and went months and months through rugged terrain and the kids didn’t have ipods, or Iphones, or texting or snap chat or radios or rabies shots and the kids weren’t whining,” Are we there yet?” you know why? Because there WAS NO “THERE” YET! We are going to make a there.

Thus was born the greatest country the world has ever known. Was it hard? Yes, because we knew that hard was good. When a place is hard to get too, you appreciate it when you arrive. It’s also where we taught our lineage how to travel in the vehicles they trusted and liked.

Ford, that great American company made it affordable and practical to travel, they gave the people what they wanted. Now were trapped by government regulations on emissions, and environmentalist terrorism if you prefer a big, safe, SUV.

You want to teach kids to appreciate car travel? Here is an easy experiment. Make it dangerous to travel again! First thing we could do is get these airbags out of the cars. When I was growing up we had dashboards made out of metal. You got in a wreck, you paid for it! You were weeded out so the good drivers had more room. Now the people have bags for everything. It’s like a funhouse to get in a wreck in this country.

Kids nowadays look confused because they’ve never been in a bagless car. They thought cars always had bags, they thought the model T had bags. They weren’t as sophisticated just a pygmy with a paper sack. (Picture blowing up sack and holding it out). Kids don’t understand innovation. They have had bags and a mandatory seat belt. When I was growing up we set in the front seat, no bags, no belt, and you know what protected me? Mom’s arm. How many crash dummy tests did it take to realize this ain’t working?

Kids nowadays have been given bags, seatbelts and spent the first 6 years in the back seat in a 5 point harness car seat and they probably learned to ride a bike wearing a helmet the BIG BABIES. If I wore a helmet riding my bike my friends would have beaten me up! We are the lineage of a group of people that broke from the most powerful country of the 19th century to become the most powerful country in the 20th.

We have gone from a group of people that were taught if you work hard enough, get innovative and don’t complain you can be anything you want, TOO a group of people that now need signs warning them that coffee is hot! If you didn’t know coffee was hot..PUT A HELMET ON!!

We are Americans and know what we like. Car dealers represent us, not environmentalists and progressive ideologues. We like convertibles, fast cars, and the dealers know it! Let the people decide! Not only is it common sense, you might actually make a profit!

Another Year is here!

posted by Brad Stine

Around this time of year we always comment that another year has come and gone. But has it really? I mean we have arbitrarily created the calendar year based on the earth’s rotation around the sun or something to that effect.

But just because it does rotate consistently doesn’t mean we had to choose that as our system of years. Haley’s comet comes around once every 75 yrs or so. What if we decided that every time Haley’s came by it was a year?

Think how much younger we all would suddenly be. The Bible say’s that to the Creator one year is like a thousand and a thousand is one year. So you could at 30, for example, theoretically be turning 30 seconds old or 30,000 years old based on your measuring system.

Of course there was the tried and true hourglass that apparently took an hour to finish but only ran when you decided to turn it thus making a day much shorter if you chose. I think sundials were one of the first timekeepers but were pretty much only reliable in the Sahara.

If you lived in Seattle and didn’t want to be late for work back in the sundial days you were better off setting up a cot at your work station and get up when you heard any commotion.
God created the idea of time (since it is only an idea, being eternal there really is no 7:30 or whatever, but I digress) and gave us a way to measure it based on darkness and light.

He had to separate the two so we could tell them apart otherwise everyone would think they lived in Seattle as I already mentioned. We talk about time like it is alive. It is a good time to start a new resolution. It’s about time I turned over a new leaf. There is no time like the present.

Actually all there is when it comes to time is the present. Each moment you exist is all you can rely on since none of us can control our existence and none but God decide when time is up.
The one thing you are expected to control is your attitude during the moments of existence.

We are not supposed to grow as Christians to show God how holy we are getting. Instead we are to practice such an unusual lifestyle of gratefulness, love and compassion for others irrespective of our own condition that we drive fellow humans to desire a life like ours. Do people watch your life and say“I want what he has?”

This is why I imagine God says without faith it is impossible to please Him. Faith relies on what we believe God to be based on His Holy Book. We live for substance we hope to grasp one day in a dimension both similar and dissimilar to our familiar 3rd dimension, we commit to evidence even when we don’t see it using three dimensional eyes but a “sense” of faith that is tangible and allows us what would be considered an extra-sensory perception to “see”.

This is the life of the believer that we all not only should strive for but are expected to. In time we’ll get there, just stay clear of Seattle.

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