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You know my fellow Americans, when it comes to military service, shouldn’t there be at least some basic requirements?

When I think of a serviceman, I think of John Wayne, George Washington or Patton! I think of a rough and tumble, gritty, pull no punches man’s man!

The military is no place for the weak or the faint of heart so why is it that the military seems to be run nowadays by people who behave literally like spoiled children?

Let me explain.

A cadet at the United States Air Force Academy recently wrote down a verse from the Bible that inspired him and he posted it on his door outside his dorm room.

It was at this point that a man the President Obama consulted in regards to how to more effectively institutionalize bigotry and destroy the 1st amendment rights of military personal, got involved.

You should know his name since if you are a religious believer he hates your Liberty. His name is Mikey Weinstein and is an atheist missionary. He despises religious freedom, so consequently in this era in America he must be the logical choice as director of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Atheists have been great at hiding their ideological destruction of religious Liberties for years and they always have a clever name to sound all encompassing. The American Civil Liberties Union for example which was also founded by a communist I might add.

So anyway, “Mikey” said he got a complaint from some other cadets and a couple faculty and staff members and “Mikey” stated, and I quote that “it made for a hostile working environment at the academy.

For those of you without a law degree let me help define this concept. Because a cadet at the Academy wrote down a 2000 year old scripture verse that inspired him and he placed it on his own door, clearly stating that this was important to him, some other cadets saw the verse, started crying and hyperventilating and went to tell “Mikey” how sad they were.

Notice what didn’t happen.

No one was forbidden to write their own inspiring verse on their own door, no one was commanded to read the verse, or salute it or memorize it.

Instead, they are taught like children that if they don’t like something instead of having the maturity, courage and virtue to respect someone else’s divers viewpoint they have “Mikey” to run to, and “Mikey” will scream and pout and call it “pouring fundamentalist Christian gasoline on an already raging out-of-control conflagration of fundamentalist Christian tyranny, exceptionalism and supremacy at USAFA”.

Really “Mikey”, hey Hyperbole just called, he wants to take lessons from you.

The blatant anti-Christian, anti-religious anti-1st Amendment bigotry by little “Mikey” is obvious only to those who see Liberty as sacred.

“Mikey” had this personal message removed and I ask my fellow Americans, when something is removed are we left with more Liberty, or less?

Also notice that these “brave” offended cadets and staff were courageous enough to complain to “Mikey” but not brave enough to confront the cadet on their own, or to have their names published, which begs the question, how do we know this story of complaints is even true?

We already have numerous cases of waitresses forging anti black and anti gay screeds on receipts, designed to insult and disparage Christians in order for the offended to garner sympathy and in some cases receive compensation.

Considering Christians are the target of these frauds and now complaints which are designed to hurt, defame, marginalize and censor Christian’s only in America, perhaps this should be considered a hate crime?

What do you think “Mikey” you ready to defend Christians in the military from YOU AND YOUR GROUP?

Why not kid, now you can double your income!



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