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Science, Theology, and Medicine

posted by Cheryl Petersen

Science, Theology, and Medicine: an abridged chapter of Mary Baker Eddy’s from her book, Science and Health

Divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love inspire the disciplines of science, theology, and medicine with a more divine nature and essence.

We can spiritually discern and live by divine laws. We can overcome false and outgrown beliefs that work against the one Spirit.

In Spirit, all is natural, but not physical. It is alive, but not biological. It is normal, not supernatural or mysterious. Healing through the power of Spirit is possible and has occurred for millenniums. The spiritual method of healing is lost sight of now and then, but its truth remains to be discerned and experienced.


We can understand and practice the one Spirit, or divine Mind that governs the entire creation by using the power of Truth to extinguish erroneous concepts. We can perceive that all cause and effect belong to Spirit.

When people try to attribute cause and effect to matter or human energy, they can’t find a first physical cause; it’s the chicken and egg quandary, unanswered. It’s no wonder the human race yearns for spirituality.

The following view of reality is proposed:

  • There is more to reality than the human evidence;
  • Divine Mind and its reality can be experienced as human mind gives way to divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love;
  • All real being is in God, the divine Mind;
  • Matter and human energy don’t possess sensation or life;
  • Sin, sickness, disease, and death are subjective states of human mind;
  • Spirit is Life.

People glimpse divine healing, but human opinions, arrogance, ignorance, and greed often interfere. We also have to deal with inadequate human languages that are unable to articulate metaphysical concepts. The vital part, the mind, heart, and soul of the divine workings, is not words, but Love. Without love, words are empty.


To glimpse divine metaphysics, try thinking about this: There is no pain in Truth, and no truth in pain; there is no nerve in Mind, and no mind in nerve; there is no illusion in Mind, and no mind in illusion; there is no good in bad, and no bad in good; there is no intelligence in matter, and no matter in intelligence; there is nothing impermanent in the permanent, and nothing permanent in the impermanent; there is no flesh in Spirit, and no Spirit in flesh.

God is Mind. God is substance. God is energy. If substance and energy is Mind, they are not the changing substance and energy we call matter or quantum energy. The human mind has no power over divine Mind.

The term human mind is really a misnomer. The mortal human mind always dies. Was it ever a mind, knowing life? The human mind, and its image of flesh and body, is temporary and opposes eternal Mind.


The human mind is limited, undeveloped, immature, and projects itself through what we call matter or human energy. Another way to view the human mind is in three degrees:

First degree: Depravity. The depraved state is attached to the physical or materialist energy. It includes evil beliefs, addictions and appetites, fear, corrupt willfulness, hatred, envy, arrogance, deceit, sickness, disease, death, self-righteousness.

Second degree: Improvement. Depraved thinking and thoughts are being replaced with moral thoughts and behaviors that express humanity, honesty, empathy, hope, faith, humility, and moderation.

Third degree: Understanding. This state is radiant with wisdom, purity, spiritual comprehension and power, love, health, and holiness.


In the third degree, human logic yields to revelation and enlightened logic. Human mind and its images disappear and the image and likeness of God appears. Divinity is witnessed as all-inclusive, and the spiritual universe is experienced as intact.

To neglect infinite Spirit is to start insisting matter and human energy is the reality and is self-evolved and self-governing, yet there is no beginning or end. If you believe in a humanlike God, it may be assumed that matter was created by Spirit. These beliefs suck us into a vicious vortex of contradictions, even making God responsible for all disasters.

Mysteries disappear through discovery and revelation. While meteorologists, physicians, and computer programmers remove mystery from weather, the body, or electronics, we likewise can remove mystery from the study of nature and life through spiritual understanding and consciousness.


Old-time restraints become extinct when the sciences modify their theories to accommodate relativity. Time and space wrinkle as we fly around the earth in jets. Matter particles are dodged or switched out, no longer seen as absolutes.

Technology shows that connectivity exists, but material connectivity is fragile and can break. In Mind-science, we discover that matter and human mind is only an echo, with no real substance or power to break, sicken, or derail Spirit and our spiritualty.

We better overcome limitations by reflecting God’s government and being self-governed.

Health is not a condition of physical atoms, but of infinite Mind. Freedom is not a circumstance of temporal life, but of eternal Life. Spirituality is not a power of measured force, but of immeasurable force.


While working out the laws of Mind, things are resolved into thoughts. The objects of physical sense are replaced with spiritual ideas. Human perceptions fade as we find divine perceptions clear and thriving. The key is spiritual discovery.


Divine theology and popular theology differ. Anything and everything entitled to a classification as divine must be comprised in a knowledge or understanding of God, illimitable Mind.

Unfortunately, we are ingrained in false beliefs that war against spiritual facts. The false must be denied and cast out to make place for truth. Jesus’ love for little children reminds us of the need to be receptive to new ideas.[1] Don’t wait for a catastrophe to get the attention of your spiritual consciousness. Right now, you can shake off your faith in the false and your faith in God can blossom.


When first discovering Spirit and divine logic, the sinner stiffens when realizing that sin must be destroyed. The petty intellect shudders to think it must stop trying to preserve its own personal theological knowledge. The impious attitude has a difficult time restraining itself from exploiting spirituality. The human ego will rebel or be reluctant to improve.

The spiritual idea and the people who present it should not be ignored in order to retain materialistic beliefs about God.

Doubt evil. Forsake evil. Don’t be startled at the brisk claims of evil. Evil is the belief that good is absent. Think it natural to love good. Cultivate the reality of health and spiritual power.

God is not the author of disease, trauma, melodrama, abuse, or death—and those evils, if you will, have no law to support them. What produces laws? Do atoms or human minds produce laws? If they do, they can be undone by divine Mind.


The laws of divine Mind are good. God is good, all-power.

Good is uncomplicated. Good is not miraculous to itself. Spiritual good, properly understood, is practical. People have found that the application of divine logic improves their level of perseverance and mental powers. Spiritual laws parallel deeper insight and people are better able to understand one another.

The law of God expands our character and alertness. We discover that it increases stamina, resiliency, and the ability to multitask. Immortal knowledge develops our dormant potential.

Divine knowledge is accessible, even if the churches seem not ready to approach it. Scripture says, “He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”[2]


Spirit is fully capable of making the body harmonious.

Don’t discount the spiritual idea in order to preserve beloved rituals and past successes. And don’t abuse a truth to infuriate another person.

Throughout history and in a multitude of cultures we find it is Mind that saves. Only when we depart from the true idea does demoralization seep in and distract us away from divine Mind.

Miracles can happen anywhere, and at any time, because Mind is ever-present. Miracles are natural.

Recognize no life, mind, intelligence, nor substance outside of God, divine Mind. This means we can’t argue for static traditions, dogmas, or a supernatural God, all of which can lead to damaging authoritative positions.

There is divine authority for believing in the superiority of spiritual power over material resistance. The same power that heals sin also heals sickness.


Christian theology is more than a profession of a deep abiding love for Christ Jesus and God. To adhere to Jesus’ divine theology is to let go of our cherished attachments to human personality and grasp Christ as Truth.

Tyranny and arrogance need constantly to be cleaned out of the church temple and rules. The vanity of superficial worship needs to be purged. It is more important to welcome the stranger at the church door than to build a fabulous edifice.

Spirituality isn’t in limited supply. It isn’t controlled by a person or organization. The spiritual idea and its healing power can’t be monopolized. The widespread belief that only specific people are entitled to spiritual authority implodes in light of the Biblical stand that all believers “will be called priests of the Lord.”[3]


We can adopt a spiritual theology. We can heal divinely. We can give the spiritual equation justice and fair representation in the media.


The medicine of divine Mind is divine Mind. The medicine involves metaphysical treatment, working out the divine equation in which the human mind yields to divine Mind and relies on God for healing. The nature and the character of Mind is the remedy for that which works against life, truth, and love. They are one and the same.

The medicine of divine Mind is unlike the invented medicines of human minds.

Due to the dualistic or relativistic natures of human minds and medicines, humanity is driven to choose between remedies—usually choosing the lesser remedy to relieve the greater problem. But this creates more problems and pill is added to pill and surgery to surgery. Health becomes a struggle. The struggle, however is not between human minds. The struggle is between human minds and immortal Mind.


Our spiritual awareness relieves the human mind from falling back on itself. It allows a reliance on the available superiority of divine Mind.

Instead of looking to human persons and material units for guidance and deliverance, we can look to divine Principle. It doesn’t matter what temporary method you adopt, whether faith in drugs, trust in surgery, or a reliance on some other cure, the victory is reached only when human belief yields to immortal Mind.

The will of Truth must supersede human will-power. True progress in medicine isn’t achieved by human willpower.

Willing the sick to recover is not the metaphysical practice of the divine healing. Human willpower can lead to states of ignorance, obsession, or risky crazes, therefore it must be kept secondary to the divine will of Truth.


To mix material and spiritual treatments is to dilute the treatment. Why is it difficult for healers to rely only on divine Mind for healing? Because our faith in drugs, surgery, or superstition is stronger than our faith in God.

Instant gratification, faith in matter, and idolatry have become obstacles to divine healing. Symptoms, rather than the cause, are treated and conventional medicine has a difficult time maintaining success. Supposedly cured diseases are replaced by more complex diseases. Drugs are dicey and can affect people differently, oftentimes causing terrible side effects, or they become useless. Surgeries also are limited and sometimes set the stage for fatal infections.

We know the mind can affect the body so why don’t we push the question and discover how divine Mind controls the mind and body? We don’t because spiritual knowledge will go against what is commonly taught in anatomy, biology, theology, sociology, genetics, and cultural teachings. But we can use divine logic and revelation to get to know the healing power of Truth and wisdom, without becoming offended or defensive.


The medicine of Truth isn’t eccentric or exclusive. Its mission isn’t to maintain mortal bodies or make human minds powerful, but is to replace all that opposes God, Life, Truth, Love. Truth has a healing effect, even when not fully understood.

The doctrine of the superiority of matter and human mind can continue to fade. Placebos teach us that beliefs or expectations can affect the body. Homeopathic, holistic, and yoga practices have decreased reliance on medicinal drugging.

Divine metaphysics is the next stately step. Its principle includes a Truth that neutralizes and destroys mistaken theories. Problems are addressed logically, from the premise of divine Spirit. Fear is recognized as a culprit that needs removing. Mental conditions are taken into account. The metaphysician agrees with health and challenges disease mentally. This spiritual and profound pathology embraces the preventative and curative arts.


Great respect is due to the motives and philanthropy of thoughtful theologians, physicians, and researchers. With due appreciation to professionals and experts, here are a few statements worth thinking about:

“The materials we need to reach a new level of discourse are in our grasp; we have only to abandon outmoded approaches/disciplines to achieve an enlightening beginning for a new science.” From The Anthropology of Medicine: From Culture to Method, Third Edition.[4]

“The Starting Point of Biblical Theology: We have already observed that every scholarly endeavor inevitably is based upon presuppositions.”[5] HarperCollins Bible Dictionary.


“We physicians often pay lip service to the importance of the mind in health and illness, yet in practice we equate it with the brain. This is obvious in our reliance on drugs when mental problems arise…. A refreshing contrast is alternative or complementary medicine, which has emerged as a major social force shaping medical care in the United States.” From Reinventing Medicine: Beyond Mind/Body to a New Era of Healing.[6]    

“We know from history that much of what doctors do at any particular time is ineffective or even dangerous when viewed in retrospect. Years ago a famous professor warned his graduating medical students that half of what he’d taught them was wrong, but the trouble was he didn’t know which half. Medical practice has evolved significantly since then, but the principle still applies: we don’t know which of the well-intentioned therapies of the present will end up looking like the leeches and bloodletting of ancient time or like the thalidomide, Dalkon shields, and routine tonsillectomies of a more recent era gone by. Accordingly, the pronouncements of doctors should be viewed with healthy skepticism.”[7] Timothy B. McCall, M.D. a practicing physician in Boston.


“We physicians do not fully understand the relationship between mind, body, and that intangible element known as spirit…. Medical educators have often taught that religion is an irrelevant or even detrimental factor in physical and emotional well-being. But a growing body of research has established that religious people, both young and old, often enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of a positive emotional outlook.”[8] Harold G. Koenig, M D., Director of Duke University’s Center for the Study of Religion/Spirituality and Health.

A sampling of other recommended reading: Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science, by Atul Gawande; A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by Karen Armstrong; Second Opinions: Stories of Intuition and Choice in the Changing World of Medicine, by Jerome Groopman; The Future of Faith, by Harvey Cox.


It is right to say that the educated class of scientists and medical doctors are great people. They are more scientific than are false claimants to the divine healing method. There is much that yet remains to be said and done before all humankind is saved and before all the mental microbes of sin and disease thought-germs are exterminated. Mistakes will be made, but it is fair to say that mistakes can’t wholly obscure the divine Mind and its continuing revelation of truth as the best medicine.


[1] Matt. 19:13-14; Mark 10:13-14; Luke 18:15-16

[2] John 1:11

[3] Ex. 19:6; Isa. 61:6; Rev. 1:6


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Reflection given at local UUSO

posted by Cheryl Petersen


Physiology and Genetics chapter

posted by Cheryl Petersen

Physiology and Genetics: an abridged version of Mary Baker Eddy’s chapter “Physiology,” from her book, Science and Health

Physiology and genetics may have limited powers, but they can’t successfully assume the place and power of the divine source of all health and enlightenment. Drugs, DNA, and human minds can’t improve God’s work.

We want to keep our immortal consciousness open to spiritual existence and to our God-given powers.

From the self-conflicted human mind comes an inharmonious body. We try to follow a physical routine as if what we eat, how much we sleep, and how much we exercise will remedy our aches and pains, yet diseases multiply.

Brain, heart, blood, DNA, bone structure, etc. are not our identity. If they were, we’d lose part of our identity when we donate blood. Physiology and genetics don’t define us and they can’t determine our future.


Intellect, health, strength, and beauty are tied to spiritual understanding, not to material knowledge gained from the study of physiology and genetics.

Why believe intellect, health, strength, and beauty are at the mercy of mutating non-intelligent DNA or material atoms?

Why not enlist your belief on the side of spirituality and understand divine Mind? All cause and effect belong to divine Mind. Spiritual cause is the one question that gets us on the right track. Spiritual cause relates to human progress. We can approach this subject and explore the supremacy of Spirit.

Whatever galvanizes an idea governed by God is food for thought. As we evolve in our knowledge of physiology and genetics, we can mentally discern cause, rather than focus on effect. Academics of the right sort are requisite. Observation, invention, study, and original thoughts are expansive and should advance consciousness into the immortal.


If our consciousness gets stuck in the downward spiral of believing symptoms are causes, or of depending on matter, dogma, or the human mind for treatment, we can reverse our direction by obeying spiritual law. “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”[1] With the aid of divine inspiration and spiritual logic, our consciousness can advance out of weariness and disease, out of that which hides the power of Spirit.

The legitimate and only possible action of divine Mind is the production of harmony.

Why do drugs alleviate human ailments? Because we believe drugs can heal. But that belief is unreliable. It can easily backfire. The drug can lose its power to heal or no longer be available. We can become addicted to the drug.


We must understand that the cause of disease obtains in the human mind and its cure comes from the immortal divine Mind.

The human thought must free itself from self-imposed materiality and the apprehension of mortal life. Steer away from asking the brain, heart, or lungs, “How will my day go?” Ask divine Mind.

To speculate whether we originated from “the dust of the ground,”[2] an egg, or monkeys, only gives us debatable arguments in light of the logic that none of those elements form a link to Spirit.

Hormones, neurons, or RNA manifests limited mentality. It limits thinking to reduce truth to the level of error. Spirit never passes through insensible matter. Soul never is or was stuck in a physical body.


Disease is a latent belief in human mind, it is mental. It is a result of education and carries its ill-effects as far as human mind plots out. It is the human mind that produces disorder and hysteria. It is the human mind—not the material body—that feels, suffers, and enjoys.

Human mind and body are one and the same, like sand and rock, like water and ice. A material body is an embodied concept within the human mind.

Human minds don’t comprehend mortal existence, and they can barely grasp the intuition that there is something greater than themselves. Rely on spiritual consciousness in healing work.

Spiritual consciousness masters fear instead of avoids or cultivates it. The more that is said about moral and spiritual law, the better will be the quality of life and the further mortals will be removed from mental illness or disease. Overcome beliefs instead of restrict yourself to them. We can uproot disease and throw it out of the mind. We can comprehend that disease is not a fixed fact. We can feel the influence of divine Love casting out fear.


Spiritual consciousness guides us to locate and employ physicians who see us as more than just a physical body. Honest conversations with practitioners are appropriate, but we don’t need to compare diseases and symptoms with others as if it were a competition.

We don’t need to be negatively affected by advertisements paid for by pharmaceutical companies. It’s beneficial not to give time and attention to selfishness, coddling, or fear-based guessing about our minds and bodies.

The latest food fad is not a health law. Heredity is not a law, but a breakable string of past and present mortal thoughts.

It’s beneficial not to pursue exaggerated or harmful ideologies. We don’t need to submit to intellect-insulting entertainment that caters to dark amusement rather than enlightened improvement. We can stay safe from the age-old habit of thinking we need to get the latest disease, or worse, get a new bizarre sickness.


No law exists to support mortality and its sin, sickness, and death. Sin makes its own hell and goodness its own heaven. If you are comfortable in the mortal life dream, some type of suffering may nudge you to waken.

Every human being must learn that there is neither power nor reality in evil. Evil is a denial of truth, as if truth could be absent, but it can’t. Evil is unreal. There is no absence of God, omnipotent and omnipresent good.

Evil is self-assertive, but its only power is to destroy itself. Evil is not immortal; if it was, goodness would be a myth. Every attempt of evil to destroy good is a failure, and only aids in punishing the evildoer. Do not concede reality to disorder while dealing with it realistically.


Drugs are powered by the thoughts behind them. The more believers that believe the drug has power, the more powerful the drug. But bear in mind, those believers also know the drug is toxic, therefore if a person overdoses or takes a poisonous drug by accident, death could result. The result is controlled by the majority of opinions, however, divine Mind, understood, can reverse the opinions.

The sins of other people should not make good people suffer.

A strong, well-rounded intellect coincides with spiritual law. In and of themselves, physiology and genetics are helpless. Mind is not helpless. Intelligence is not mute before non-intelligence. Our spirituality reflects divine intelligence.



[1] Matt. 6:21; Luke 12:34

[2] Genesis 2:7


Footsteps of Truth: abridged

posted by Cheryl Petersen

Footsteps of Truth: an abridged chapter version from Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

What is Truth? The efforts of any ology to answer this question are vain.

Understanding comes through spiritual logic and revelation. Following the signposts of divine law, we comprehend the Truth that is changing the world for the better. In this path we can find progress attended by life and peace.

The opposite of Truth is error; however knowledge of error and its operations must precede the understanding of the Truth that destroys error. Step by step we learn error is that which opposes divine Spirit and our spirituality.

This metaphysical system of healing through truth relinquishes the errors of self-serving obsessions, misleading appetites, hatred, fear, lust, superstition, etc. The progression makes a new creation.[1]


We do not need to learn our life lessons the hard way. We can stop stumbling around in drunkenness. We can stop being consumed by disease. We can stop being shocked at the evil in the world and gain an understanding that leads to productive improvement.

The way to uncover and abandon error is to saturate the mind with floodtides of Truth and Love.

As we discover there is one Mind, the divine law of loving our neighbor as ourselves is unfolded. We experience a relationship with all the attributes of Truth and Love, including wisdom. We become conscious of the existence of Spirit as the source of supply.

If Spirit created sickness and disorder then it would be wrong or impossible for human beings to try and remove them. Sickness and death are awful deceptions of existence, not put forth by Truth.


Through Truth you discover your ability to embrace your body and outline it with thoughts of health.

Let us prepare for the supremacy of Spirit—the government and law of universal harmony, which cannot be lost or remain forever unseen.

All the faculties of Mind are intact. No matter where we are, we can use our spiritual senses to commune with God and be governed by Love.

To be controlled by divine Mind is not to be controlled by hypnotism, human cultures, theories, crime, drugs, or fantasies. We learn to utilize spiritual sense—the constant conscious capacity to understand the all-acting infinite Spirit.

The brain, nerves, hormones, and stomach can’t talk on their own. They act because of mind. Sensations of the body are sensations of the human mind.


To rid the world of terrorists is difficult, but to destroy mental terrorism is even more difficult. The cruel narcissistic tendencies inherent in human mind are always germinating new forms of tyranny and must be rooted out through the action of the divine Mind.

Healing systems must have spirituality in order to be useful. Medicines and religions dictated by money, prestige, inequality, rituals, and regulations only imitate the old-time opposition that upset Jesus two thousand years ago. “He made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coin of the money changers and overturned their tables.”[2]

Food should not be given more power than God. Let Truth regenerate the fleshly mind and feed thought with the bread of Life. The only diet that works is the diet that follows a mental plan involving honesty, wisdom, hard work, and balance. “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”[3]


It is impossible to form our concepts of Truth from what is seen between the cradle and the grave. We don’t pass from mortality to immortality, or from evil to good. Evil dies and good continues its immortal expression. The infinite never began and will never end.

We marvel at the people who live to be old and yet stay healthy and useful. They become objects of intrigue. The sciences may attribute the longevity to genes and environment, but these theories are never found to be consistent. A better theory is attached to attitude.

Why not have the attitude that soaks up the radiance of Soul and appreciates each year’s unfolding of wisdom, aplomb, and holiness? Why not shape our views of existence into loveliness, newness, and continuity, rather than into doom and gloom?


Measuring and limiting all that is beautiful and good is unproductive. Beauty and truth are eternal, but the beauty of physical things passes away. Don’t get hung up on superficial attractiveness, dictated by the media or the latest fashion. Beauty is an element of life, forever in Mind and fully expressed through us. Mind feeds the body with freshness and fairness, supplying it with comforting images of thought.

The recipe for beauty is to have less illusion and more Soul. Body piercings, Botox, and breast augmentation are poor substitutes for true beauty.

Clothe yourself with Truth as opposed to wrapping yourself up in speculations or superstitions. Truth has no consciousness of error. Love has no sense of hate. Life has no partnership with death. Truth, Life, and Love are a law of annihilation to everything unlike themselves.


The advancement of Truth has nothing to do with popularity. The object is to work in the interest of humanity, not of private interests or sect. No matter what field you work in, Truth should stimulate labor and progress.

Wealth, fame, and social organizations have no pull with God. We get better views of humanity when we level wealth with sincerity, break up cliques and cults, and let worth be judged according to wisdom. Success in error is defeat in Truth, but the wicked person is not the ruler of the upright. Our motto is, “Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts.”[4]

Here are a few unrighteous or ineffective mental practices:

  • Unwillingness to know the facts;
  • Reluctance to hear about the deception of matter and its laws;
  • Devotion to the belief of life and intelligence in human energy or auras;
  • Impatience with truthful ideas;
  • Dedication to temporal fixes as if they could solve all problems.

To hold yourself superior to sin, because God made you superior to it, is true wisdom. To fear sin is to misunderstand the power of Love and your relation to God. To hold yourself superior to sickness and disorder is equally wise and in accordance with the Holy Spirit. When you understand God, you will no longer fear sin and sickness, because they are no part of spiritual revelation and existence.


The pursuit of Truth requires proper gear and backup. Put up a firewall of love against sick thoughts, lusts, and horrible purposes. Regularly clean the mind of any sin and sickness. Control evil thoughts in the first instance, or they will control you in the second. Radiate uprightness and honesty. Be practical and reasonable, not a showoff. Be aware of the mental mal-practitioner who doesn’t obey Truth, but twists thoughts to suit their own narrow agenda and creed.

You’d rather ask help from a doctor who has the flu than ask help from a mental mal-practitioner, even if they claim to be a spiritual Shaman, Psychic, Sangoma, N’ganga, Christian Science practitioner, etc.

Parents are the strongest educators for their children. The thoughts of the parents form the embryo of another mortal mind. It is better to consciously form it after the model of divine Mind rather than unconsciously form it after a human model. After birth, continue to form children with divine influences, teaching self-government, happiness, receptivity, and the Truth-cure.


We move toward good or evil as time passes. Past failures will be repeated until we destroy spiritual idleness, self-gratification, shameless competitiveness, blaming others, arguing to be right, envy, hypocrisy, hate, revenge, and materialism.

Let’s compare the testimony of human mind against the testimony of Spirit:

Human mind lifts its voice with the arrogance of reality and says: I can steal, cheat, lie, commit adultery, murder, retaliate and yet avoid detection by flattering words. I am dishonest, yet no one knows it. My inclinations and sentiments can be irrational, deceitful, and fraudulent. My purpose is to make this short span of life one big fling. The world is my domain. I’m ecstatic to think of the power of sin, albeit I admit that an accident, an epiphany, or the law of God can at any moment annihilate my peace. My efforts to express life are fatal. I’m like bursting lava—I blow up only to fall to despair in a consuming fire.


Divine Spirit says: I am Spirit. Man and woman, whose perceptions are spiritual, are my likeness. You reflect the infinite understanding, for I am infinity. What belongs to me belongs to you—the beauty of holiness, the completion of being, and imperishable glory. I am immortal Truth; therefore you are immortal and truthful. I include and impart all bliss, for I am Love. I give life, without beginning and without end, for I am Life. I am the substance of all because “I AM WHO I AM.”[5]

Incomplete human beings get flustered when following Truth, but don’t give up. Be practical when abandoning the material for the spiritual. Eat healthy food, exercise wisely, work with integrity, use common sense, and be law abiding while you discover your spirituality.


The human footsteps are indispensable. Truth seekers are consistent who, watching and praying, can “Run and not be weary…walk and not be faint.”[6] We can gain spirituality rapidly and hold our position, or we can attain slowly and yield not to discouragement. God requires our diligence. The battle between Spirit and flesh is fought and the spiritual facts of existence are reached step by step before the victory is won.



[1] II Cor. 5:17

[2] John 2:15, NIV

[3] Galatians 5:16, KJV

[4] Isaiah 55:7, NIV

[5] Exodus 3:14

[6] Isaiah 40:31

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