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Everyday Spirituality

Bones and crayons

posted by Cheryl Petersen

I was listening to some people argue over whether or not stories in the Bible are true. I tilted my head and grinned, thinking of something better to do like wash the windows.

Archeologists have found some evidence to validate historical aspects of the Bible. But, whether they dig around and find Jesus’ bones or crayons, I guess it really doesn’t matter to me.

sandbox pouring sand smallI learn either way. I still can grasp the ideas expressed by the items and test their validity.


Physical evidence of bones, next to stories, is about the same, to me, inert. Inert that is, until I think and wonder about what inspired those bones or stories.

Come to think of it, the stories may be more powerful than the inert items.

The story of the Good Samaritan, where Jesus talked about the importance of not stereotyping people and just helping them when they really need it, has made an impact on me. It showed me love is powerful and human beings are more than what’s presented on the surface of ethnicity. We are loving, useful spiritual beings.


Bones, well, even if they were Jesus’, I doubt they would have impacted me, at least not directly. If I needed bones to validate that there even was a Jesus, that would be only a preliminary to still needing to figure out the object of the stories about Jesus in the Bible.

As for crayons. If they were found in the dirt, I could learn that crayons can be used to write and draw, however that doesn’t mean they are the only object that writes and draws.

We just aren’t limited to objects, items, and things. The idea behind a crayon, to use it as a tool to write or draw, can be expressed in multiple ways. Same with stories. Stories are only tools, whether calibrated into history or myth. Dig for ideas, and I bet you find Love wins.





Getting along

posted by Cheryl Petersen

Every time steam starts coming out my ears when my husband annoys me, I remind myself, there is no lack of ideas, and I simmer down.

It’s not that I’ve adapted to annoyance in our 32-year marriage. It’s that I’ve realized that I can get along with my spouse.

I fell in love with my husband at some point, and it is silly to think that the love goes away. Love never goes away, but it can grow. If I let it.

Love isn’t reliant on time, emotions, money, or fancy things. It grows with good ideas, practical ideas.

What’s practical?

no_idea_by_workisnotajobA cell phone could be practical. My husband has one. But he only answers it about 35% of the time and he checks his messages that night or the next day, or the next week. Not so practical then.


To get along, I adapt. I either think of important things to tell him before he leaves the house. Or, if something comes up and I can’t get a hold of him right-a-way, I listen for another idea. Maybe call a neighbor.

For example, my last trip took me to Denmark and on the return flight I landed in Toronto, Canada. My next flight was delayed, which would stop me from making my connection in Newark, New Jersey to Albany, New York. It was a bummer. But, alas, the airline attendant got me another flight to Syracuse. The plane was to leave in 40 minutes.

I ran to the gate, found an old-fashioned pay phone and stuffed my credit card in it to pay for one call. I called our daughter in Seattle, Washington. Calling her was a better idea than calling my husband. She would get a hold of her father using a few different phone numbers.


He had two hours to drive. I landed in Syracuse and waited for my husband. Sure enough, he came just when I figured he would. The flight diversion knocked 3 hours off my flying. Bravo!

When things don’t work out in a relationship, take a deep breath. There is no lack of good ideas. They are yours to act on. Those good ideas can keep bringing us together, even if it isn’t in a way we first expected.


Accessing Spiritual healing

posted by Cheryl Petersen

In the face of the hard cold fact that nothing in this human reality is perfect, society struggles for perfection. The call for greener cleaners, more efficient vehicles, better attitudes, and a healing religion reverberates around the earth demanding attention. For example, for millennia spiritual healing has been a part of religion, however as soon as a religion is assumed to be perfect, abuse and decline take their toll. Therefore, a new and improved standard for religions is set based on realistic thoughts. People can live up to high standards, but we can’t live up to something that doesn’t exist—human perfection.


Although spiritual healing is independent of religion, religion can play a central role in its advancement as long as it stays true to the perfect Principle, God, and isn’t used to attempt to maintain a status-quo. All religions have access to spiritual healing grounded on the powerful understandable God. Divine Science is the study of God, which includes a healing force such as described in the Bible. However, metaphysical rules, in other words, not stereotyped terminology or human theology, are usable and applicable to religious and non-religious people alike.

My practice of spiritual healing is most reliable when I get to know God and rely on my spiritual mindedness instead of rely on what I’ve been trained to think. As I know myself as the spitting image of Love, Truth, Principle, the human self becomes transparent to the wellbeing, strength, and usefulness God is expressing through us.



posted by Cheryl Petersen

asleep on blanketWe have a baby in the house. It’s been a long time since our daughters were young and we had to “shhh, be quiet, the baby is sleeping.”

It’s nice.

The quiet.

I have a neighbor who spends every Monday in silence. He speaks to no one, except a few words to his cat, so the cat knows he isn’t getting the silent treatment.

My neighbor is very thoughtful, steadily following a spiritual, but not religious journey. He’s very interesting to talk with, but not on Mondays.

I’m enjoying the silence.

“For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him.”—Psalms 62:5

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Bones and crayons
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