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Everyday Spirituality

Looking at willpower

posted by Cheryl Petersen

It seems as though willpower has many different levels. It can mean self-control or a strong determination.

I’ve met people who have an amazing willpower. Also, I’ve met people who say they have no willpower and eat sugary foods, drink too much alcohol, and never exercise.

But really, it would take massive willpower, for someone who was raised to eat and exercise wisely, to have bad habits.

The way I see it now is that willpower exists. There is no lack of will, or willingness.

But, I think there is human willpower, at many different levels, and then there is the divine willpower.

I’ve always wondered what the will of God is. How is the will of God different from the will of people?


I think the will of God is grounded in love, whereas the human will is grounded in fear or ignorance.

I remember when I caught myself using my own willpower to eat certain foods, so I wouldn’t get fat. But why doesn’t my will work all the time? Why don’t diets work very well? Because they aren’t grounded in love, but a fear of food and fat.

I’ve also caught myself determined to get a story before my co-writers do. I ask, Why? Is it for self-glory? That’s not a very good motivator.

Willpower motivates us, to either do something or not. The will of love motivates us to do what is right for the reason that rightness exists.




Spiritual discovery

posted by Cheryl Petersen

When cleaning out the car seats, I discover a hundred dollar bill.

How is this discovery different from a spiritual discovery?

The first case involves a physical element.

Every day we discover things. I’m not saying the physical discoveries should be discounted, they usually shouldn’t, however they aren’t spiritual discoveries.

Spiritual discoveries are mental.

Who can make spiritual discoveries?


Over the millenniums, many philosophers and religionists have discovered what they call an infinite Being, or God. In the last fifty years, however, scientists, cosmologists, and biologists have also discovered the infinite. They continue to discover, that which they can’t see, when they study the effects of energy, the universe, and cells.


Choreographers, musicians, and artists discover the infinite in that there is always a new dance to dance, a new song to sing, and new art to manifest.

We can’t see, hear, or describe the infinite. It is a spiritual discovery. We can’t pick it up, carry it around, or hand it out to someone else.

So, no one person created a spiritual discovery. No religion owns the infinite. No science has a monopoly on spiritual discoveries.

Look to divine Mind and discover.

If presence is infinite, can we discover infinite health?


Zen kitty showed me all-presence

posted by Cheryl Petersen

I’ve blogged under the icon of Zen Kitty in the past. The cat was real and meant a great deal to me.

The other day, to my horror, I found Zen Kitty dead, ran over by a vehicle. Mortified, I carried him back to the house to bury outside in the pasture, his favorite meditation place. Tears blurred my vision. The entire rest of the day, my emotions were uncontrollable. I cried off and on constantly.

It was the image of the dead cat that stuck in my brain. I tried to shake it. I begged God to take it away—when I wasn’t throwing anger God’s way—why couldn’t God keep the cat safe?

My writing projects came to a screeching halt. They required inspiration, devotion, intuition, knowledge, none of which could be found in the immensity of grief that poured into my soul.


I started cleaning out closets. Literally. I sorted through items that had been stuffed into closets over the past few years. Piles accumulated. A pile to give a way, a pile to recycle, a pile to throw away, a pile to find a better location for.

I decided to look at pictures of the cat. It was easy. I had a million pictures. I snapped the pictures when the cat was cute, entertaining, compassionate, every second. The bad image started to fade.

The next morning, I heard the thought, “Cheryl, it’s time to go back to your writing, you can do it.” And I did, with deeper meaning.

My conscience was struck. That thought, telling me I could do it, was exactly what my cat told me. Was this the new form of the cat? Or, had it always been the form? Because the furry form I’d typically attached to the cat was gone?


Answers to those questions didn’t matter. The feeling of all-presence rubbed itself on me and I felt at peace.

leaning down sidewalk small


Bee stings and manure fertilizer

posted by Cheryl Petersen

Last spring, I planted a flowering plum tree out in the lawn and it’s been struggling all summer. Wanting to give it a little boost, I asked our neighbor, who has a gigantic pile of horse manure, if I could get some.

“Sure, help yourself,” she said gladly. I intended on spreading the manure around the base of the tree, so the nutrients could seep into the roots.

The manure pile is about a quarter-mile away, over a road and then a trail to the back of the woods.

The weather report was for rain yesterday, so I got my trusty wheelbarrow and shovel and started hoofing it to the pile.

Once I got on the trail to the back of the woods, it became dark because looming rain clouds were forming. Thunder was in the background.


When walking between the trees, I felt myself breaking through spider webs. A spider was hanging from the edge of my straw hat. I wiped the spider away and wiped the webs off my face then decided to move a fallen tree out of the path.

manure around treeAfter parking the wheelbarrow, I started breaking branches off the old fallen tree and throwing them out of the path. Then I felt a sting. Then I heard buzzing and felt another sting.

I started running out of the woods and could still hear buzzing. Are the bees following me? No, there was a bee caught in my shirt, near my shoulder.


By now, I was on the road. I threw my hat off. I felt another sting on my shoulder. I striped off my t-shirt.

Not wearing a bra, there I was in the middle of the road, nude from the waist up. Modesty flew out the window due to a little bee. It took another ten seconds for that bee to find its way and fly out of my shirt.

I reluctantly put the shirt back on, not really caring if a vehicle came by. I looked back into the woods and thought, “Forget it. I’ll leave the wheelbarrow in the woods tonight and go home.”

Then I rolled my eyes. I’d been reading a book by Robyn Scott, “Twenty chickens for a saddle,” about life in Africa. There was no whining when it came to snakes, scorpions, and getting bucked off horses. Plus, I remembered an idea from Science and Health about how God created harmless creatures.

I walked back into the woods, pushed the wheelbarrow to the pile, got the manure, pushed it home, shoveled it around the tree and rain came pouring down.


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