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Excerpt from new book, “from science & religion to God”

Humans must improve their ideals in order to improve their models. Sick thoughts evolve sick bodies. Selfishness evolves not only carnal pains, but also the carnal pleasures that bring disappointment.

When we look to the flesh for life, we find death. When we look to matter for comfort, we find discomfort. When we look to the physical earth for truth, we find impermanence and confusion. Now, turn away from flesh and earth and look toward Truth and Love, the origin of all happiness, harmony, and immortality.

Think about it: we can detach from the body to a degree, unconsciously, when we become so absorbed in a movie or activity that we forget our body. So, detach instead from the body—as a form of human belief—and learn the meaning of God and creation.

Spiritual consciousness requires a mental effort. We start with thought and work patiently to conquer all that is unlike God. We have to begin at the highest standpoint possible. Start with mind instead of brain. Start with humanity instead of egotism. Start with spiritual history rather than mortal history. Start with God instead of many creators.

There is only one creator, one Being. Whatever seems to be a new creation is but the discovery of some previously unknown idea of Truth, or a break-off from an old mortal thought.

The fleeting concepts of the human mind have their day before the permanent facts of Spirit appears. Immature mortal thoughts will grow out of themselves and finally give place to the glorious ideas of divine Mind.

Look where you walk and act as though you possess the power given to you by God.

Every stumble, every loss, every disappointment, every tinge of pain can be used to break through the barriers of the problem and discover what belongs to wisdom and Love. Each time we gain more correct views of God, the invisible becomes visible. Life expands into self-completeness and we find all in God.

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science & Health"

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science & Health”



Excerpts from new book, “from science & religion to God,” by Cheryl Petersen

Human thoughts have their degrees of comparison. Some are better than others. A belief in Truth is better than a belief in error. But to be grounded on rock, the belief must advance with divine logic and revelation. Spiritual progress radiates movement from intuition to hope, to faith, to understanding, to fruition, and then reality.

Angels guide. Angels surround us. Angels are pure thoughts from God.

Consider these factors:

-The temporal never touches the eternal;
-The changeable never touches the unchangeable;
-The inharmonious never touches the harmonious;
-The self-destructive never touches the self-existent.

Reproduction by Spirit’s individual ideas is but the reflection of the creative power, God.

Without the image and likeness of Mind, God would be a nonentity, Mind unexpressed. But we are Mind’s witness. We are proof of Mind, Life.

Truth has no beginning. We can hear Truth, just as prophets did, and still do, even in the middle of a fight with error. As we struggle to conquer false beliefs, we can trust the presence of angel messages to give us spiritual strength and divine power.

God will sustain us under all circumstances. When Moses was called upon to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt, he despaired over making the people understand what God would reveal to him.

Moses was told by the Lord to throw down his staff. It became a serpent and Moses ran from it. Wisdom bid him return, take up the serpent and realize its alarming power was harmless.

Moses was then led to put his hand inside his cloak. When he drew it out, the hand was leprous like snow. He repeated the same simple process and when taking his hand again out from under the cloak, it was healthy. The power of Mind then became Moses’ reality and his fear diminished somewhat. Though inspired to help humanity, Moses struggled mentally. He believed his lack of eloquence would be a detriment to the mission. Therefore, God led him to recruit his brother, Aaron, a fluent speaker, for assistance.

Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, we’re helped onward in the march toward righteousness, peace, and purity—the landmarks of Being. Be glad to leave behind the false landmarks of human status-quos, judgements, and relativity. In order to continue forward movement, we must put into practice the spiritual good we already know. The one unused talent decays and is lost.

There is no hypocrisy in Being. Integrity is imperative. Human resistance to true new ideas weakens as we give up error for Truth. Our purpose is to live and be like God, Love.

To be continued…

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science & Health"

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science & Health”



Excerpts from my new book, “from science & religion to God,”

Opponents who attack faith should be careful not to confuse spiritual faith with blind faith. Faith is necessary in science, medicine, and religion. Consider the researcher or scientist who is trying to find a cure for cancer; they obviously have faith that a cure exists; otherwise they would not even try.

Metaphysical scientists, also calling themselves Christian Scientists, have faith in God’s healing power. Critics of these mental healers, who cannot distinguish between blind (ritualistic) faith and that of spiritual faith can be easily misinformed. Comments and condemnations based on a lack of research obscure any good points being made. Although this book, from science & religion to God doesn’t obligate you to decline medical intervention, author, Sam Harris, devoted to spreading scientific knowledge and secular values in society, wrote in his book, The End of Faith, “If your beliefs are those of a Christian Scientist, obliging you to forgo all medical interventions, you may even have collaborated with God by refusing to give your child antibiotics.” The law of Truth and Love, or Christian Science, does not “oblige” any particular human action as if people were androids.

People who insist on proving another method wrong, as if their way were the only way, will end up living out their condemnations. Like the person who adamantly opposes abortion, calling it murder, killing a doctor who performed abortions.

A student of divine metaphysics, or Christian Science, does not collaborate with God as if God were a separate mind. In divine metaphysics, there is no attitude of give-and-take; there is no human element that says, “If you do this, I’ll do that.” Do physicists collaborate with the law of gravity in order to go to the moon? No. Scientists study the principles of physics, they have the faith those rules will work, they apply the principles, and they go to the moon.

Mental healers study the laws of God, they have the faith those spiritual rules will work, they apply the rules, and they experience Life, Truth, and Love.

It isn’t irreverent to stop defending suffering. It isn’t irreverent to quit anger-charged condemnations. Physical laws are subordinate to spiritual laws. Answers are found when we are able to collaborate and respect one another.

Spiritual sense must be illuminated and understandably utilized in order to enable one to practice mental healing. The chief difficulty in learning and teaching the divine interpretation accurately is that human languages are inadequate to express spiritual concepts.

Divine Truth is known by its effects, not words. When you do experience spirituality, you may not be able to explain the experience in words that others will understand. Human thought doesn’t immediately capture an understanding of the divine equation and its solution. We feel stuck on this material plane, stuck in problems, stuck in words that have multiple meanings. We must educate our thought to the higher meaning where substance is understood to be Spirit.

Instead of insisting matter is substance or that spirit is far removed from daily experience, students of God’s law learn that Spirit is the only substance and that Spirit can be part of our daily experience. Divine metaphysics enables us to know how Truth dissolves incarnate illusions and heals the sick.

The starting point of prayer is an understandable God and the living, palpitating presence of Truth.

Until the rules of spirituality are gained, prayers can fail to heal and bless. Our prayers are not practical if we take a superficial approach, or if we believe evil is as potent as God, or if we identify persons as devils. It’s the sin, not the sinner, that needs dealing with.

To worship effectively and bring out the spiritual, we can’t concentrate our thoughts on the material or on mortals.

Sin and sickness are ghosts. Human beings have yet to outlive ghosts. Time, lack, fear, shame, mystery, idols, objects of alarm, materiality, the grave, are ghosts that continue to haunt us. Only as we understand unlimited Mind do these ghosts disappear and allow us to demonstrate the reality of Life.

To be continued…

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science & Health"

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science & Health”



Excerpts from my new book, a briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health.”

Q. What is error?

A. Error is a term used to describe human beliefs or incomplete, immature concepts. Error is the contradiction of Truth. It’s a lack of understanding. Error is that which seems to be and is not. There is no such thing as erroneous truth.

Q. What about sin?

A. Sin isn’t a word to be used loosely. It has more to do with mental conditions rather than human lifestyles or mannerisms. Classify sin as an effect of error, or the mistaken thinking that works against God, Life.

God is sinless and can’t create or allow sin. Human beings have a difficult time grasping sinless reality because of the awful fact that unrealities seem real to human beings. God strips off the disguises of sin.

As we better understand God as divine Principle, Love—rather than classify human lifestyles or behaviors as sinful or not—we can establish, by demonstration, the sinless Soul.

Q. What is person?

A. The identity of individuals must be like Spirit, unchangeable good. We aren’t made up of ever-changing brain, blood, bones, and other physical elements. Person is idea, the image of perfect Love. Individuals have no mind separate from God. We have not one quality underived from Truth. Person is incapable of sin, sickness, and death. Not one element of error can penetrate spiritual individuality.

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science & Health"

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science & Health”


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