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I interviewed a woman in her seventies, who returned from hiking Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, Africa. “It took seven days,” said Kathy. “The climbing is very well organized by the government. My group had an outstanding Guide Team and porters.”

Kilimanjaro is 19,341 feet high. “Slowly, slowly, we walked to acclimate,” she said.

Two striking memories were gained just before reaching the top. “We walked at night, starting at 11 p.m. and wore lights on our heads. We converged with all the other hikers as we neared the top. I saw a line of lights ahead and behind me in he pitch black. Then later, I looked to the right and saw a red moon and a red star, just as the sun was rising,” said Kathy.

Kathy’s hiking friends are a group of women who hike all the time. Many are considered older. However they’ve hiked the John Muir Trail in California to a trail in Colorado and more.

What an inspiration!

From 21st Century Science and Health

“The error of thinking that we are growing old, and the benefits of destroying that illusion, has noticeable results. Most of us have met someone considered old, but very much young in mind/body/spirit. These people have been interviewed and questioned. Are they lucky? Is it their genes? Is it the food they eat? Maybe or maybe not, however, they usually always attribute their longevity to a positive and loving attitude. They have an awareness of life eternal—not a life of stages and levels with beginnings and endings.

“The error of thinking that we are growing old, and the benefits of destroying that illusion make for a better life. Care-lined faces, wrinkles, and gray hair are not laws, while youthfulness and dignity are attributes of God.

“Why not notice the manifestations of Spirit rather than the passing of years? Why not maintain a mental attitude of being young?”


The owner of Sher-Brook Dairy told me that it is the “little moments” that keep him going. He milks 32 cows, twice a day, seven days a week.

The milk is certified organic. Farming is done organically and all cow care is accomplished with organic products.

It was the owner’s comment about “little moments” that caught my attention. He wasn’t speaking about the good days, plenty of which he has to offset the bad days. It was something beyond the good and bad of human life.

“It’s those small moments when I’m out in the pasture, bringing in the cows and I feel at peace with the universe,” he said.

He spends hundreds of hours on the tractor, planting, cultivating, and harvesting hay and corn. “But, there will be little moments when I’m out on the tractor, by myself with the cows, and I experience a powerful good that keeps me going.”

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To temper Islamophobia, here is a video produced by my colleagues that I thought was really good. I can vouch for the integrity of the producers, videographer, and Under Sheriff who spoke on the video.

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Quoting from science & religion to God, “Wealth, fame, and social organizations have no pull with God. We get better views of humanity when we level wealth with sincerity, break up cliques and cults, and let worth be judged according to wisdom.”

“Through the wholesome chastisements of Love, we’re helped onward in the march toward righteousness, peace, and purity—the landmarks of Being. Be glad to leave behind the false landmarks of human status-quos, judgements, and relativity. In order to continue forward movement, we must put into practice the spiritual good we already know.”

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy's "Science & Health"

Briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health”

My neighbor started fostering a cat from our local Heart of the Catskills Humane Society. Our grand-daughter visited and we walked over to meet Musafa.

What a charming cat. This blog is to encourage others to foster or adopt pets from local humane societies. It’s also to encourage walking when we can, rather than hope in the car and drive.

We can join those who are striving for “walkable” cities and villages. You can check you town’s walkability score online at:

“All of God’s creatures have access to moral courage. They move in the harmony of divine law. They are harmless, useful, and indestructible.” –from science & religion to God: a briefer narrative of Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health.

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