Everyday Spirituality

NYT read many papersAs a journalist, I remind myself of the limitation of “the word.” Human language is imperfect, incomplete. I learned this fact through religion.

In my religion, I came across churchy authorities who stressed (a.k.a. censored) reading only two books for religious study. The position that only two books could be the source of my religion was not only dangerous but basically a reversal of original church tenets. The church has six tenets in which the word “Bible” is mentioned as a “sufficient” guide. Certainly not the “only” guide.

Even if I had two favorite books to read, I’d still read other words.

Anyway, as a writer, language is the tool to use for expression, for clarification, for news. So, when I opened the New York Times yesterday and read this full page position, I was appreciative, shall I say, appreciative beyond words.

In today’s political, religious, and social world, don’t look for homogenous wordings. Don’t read words that appeal to vexation, anger, fear, or self-deceit. Do read and read from multiple angles. Compare, contrast, reason with the words, from the calm that comes with the knowledge that life and truth constantly reveal themselves. We can’t stop the revelation of life and truth any more than we can stop the trees and flowers from leafing out this spring.

Quoting from science & religion to God:

We can feel the aspiration, humility, gratitude, and love that our words express. We can welcome new knowledge and apply it in our prayers and lives.