Everyday Spirituality

Holy Friday and Easter has come and gone, commemorating the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. But, I don’t forget to honor his ascension.

An ascension can be defined as: leaving no trace of death; no physical body left behind; attention focused on the spirit of an individual.

Jesus isn’t the only person to have ascended. Thousands of years before Jesus walked the earth, the Bible mentions Enoch and Elijah, who at different times, were said to have ascended also.

The ascension of Christ amounted to Jesus’ participation on earth for another 40 days. The number, 40 days, is usually used symbolically in the Bible and I don’t make it an arguing point. The point is, that although Easter is done and gone, I can think about the significance of this celebratory season.

In fact, I don’t want to forget the complete picture of Christ’s story.

I can imagine Christ Jesus talking with friends and people. I can imagine Jesus praying in quiet places. I can imagine him laughing and healing and touching hearts. I can imagine Christ alive on earth. All the time. Forever. Here and now.

Quoting from science & religion to God:

The spiritual growth that allowed Jesus to rise from the dead was increased even more to allow him later to ascend, prompting closure to his earthly record.

After the ascension, his students received the Holy Spirit, meaning they stopped interpreting people through human knowledge and turned their thoughts instead to divine knowledge.

Only as we ascend above all habituated feelings and sin can we reach the heaven-born aspiration.

The duality of the unseen and the seen—the spiritual and physical, the Christ and the flesh—continues until a pure ascension in thought. Through spiritual progress, the human concept, or body, disappears in Mind-science, yet the Christ spirit continues to exist and take away the sins of the world.