Everyday Spirituality

Forget matches or BBQ lighters, at our traditional July 4 celebration, Louie ignited the Bernzomatic torch to light fireworks. There were six children between our farm families and we each had about 20 sparklers to light and run around the farm yard with.

We kids would hold the sparkler wand to the hissing torch flame which in turn made our sparklers flare and sparkle.

It’s okay to celebrate with gusto, no one got hurt and we kids got so bored with sparklers that we haven’t run around with one since passing into adulthood.

To out grow the old into the new, I reflect with gusto to glimpse realities of divine Mind. They sparkle.

From 21st Century Science and Health:

“Truth encourages the elements of freedom. The Soul-inspired headline reads, “Terrorism Eliminated.” The power of God brings deliverance. No power can withstand divine Love. What or who is it that makes the rules of exploitation and depression? What is it that draws us away from Spirit? How do we become saddled by wants and whims? What is it that holds human beings in the clutches of sin, sickness, and loss? Truth makes us free.

“At first, Truth leads the few and faithful free thoughts of Truth. As time marches on, those unrestricted thoughts move forward with the motto of freedom. The powers of this world will react and the old-guard will try to stop truth, will try to make it submit to their human standards and systems, but Science is not distracted by threats or assaults, and continues to unfold. There is always some chaos; however, a mobilization to truth’s standard is inevitable.

“Improvement and progress come as mindsets improve. World history illustrates the might of Mind and shows human power to be proportionate to its embodiment of right thinking or spiritual clarity. Words and actions breathing the omnipotence of divine justice and wisdom, are powerful to break the barriers of human ideologies, fear, and caustic practices. Terrorism and oppression won’t go down in blood, and the breath of freedom doesn’t come from the mouth of a Patriot missile-launch battery. Love is the liberator.”

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