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What’s the difference between flower essence and essential oil?

Flower essences and essential oils complement each other in the healing the human soul. But the way these two work is very different.

Flower essences heal the aura fields around the body and soul. Sometimes the word etheric is used instead of aura when talking about the energy surrounding a human soul and body. Etheric bio-fields regulate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical functions of a person. Thus flower essences help balance and regulate the energy vibrations of the etheric fields.

Essential oils react with the body through the senses, mainly the olfactory system. From the nasal passages, scent is carried in chemical packages to various parts of the brain. Memories can be stimulated by different scent. That’s why some scents, like freshly baked cookies, can elicit childhood memories.

The difference is what part of the plant is used.

Essential oils have distinct aromas, and as mentioned above, they work on the olfactory sense to heal. Essential oils are highly concentrated chemicals. Most essential oils use the natural chemicals that are found in different parts of plant material, like the roots, seeds, bark, or flowers. To make an essential oil, you need to steam distill large amounts of plant material. Sometimes, man-made chemicals are added to essential oils to enhance the smell. These artificial chemicals are specially designed to affect certain parts of the brain. The purer the essential oil is, the more expensive it is.

You cannot ingest an essential oil because it is highly poisonous or can burn. To use an essential oil on your skin, you first have to dilute the oil in what’s called a carrier oil such as olive oil.

Flower essences use only the flower part of the plant. Only small quantities are needed and the process of creating a flower essence is gentle. The vibrational energy of the flower is what’s important. The most common way to get that out, is to put the flower in a bowl of water that’s placed in direct sunlight. 

Flower essences are safe and gentle to use on the body. They can be ingested, although some are harmful to pregnant women and pets. You can squeeze a few drops of flower essence directly on your tongue and be safe.

Flower essences affect the different etheric bio-fields of the body. A flower’s resonance energy responds to and interacts with the vibrational energy of a person. This subtly removes negativity from different auric fields and restores balance and harmony to the body, mind, and soul. In order for a flower essence to have full healing potential, the correct flower must be matched with what the person is experiencing spiritually, emotionally, or physically. This is especially important when it comes to distinguishing between depression and anxiety, as both have similar characteristics.

Flower essences and essential oils – it’s your choice.

Flower essences and essential oils are great healing alternatives for depression and anxiety. They are safe and easy to use. It’s your choice which one you prefer to use. You might want to use both at different times of the day. Positive energy and happy healing to you!

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garlic for psychic protection

Psychic protection is always important. When I first felt depressed, I was getting confused about the mixed messages I heard from the spirit world. A lot of times the messages of hope and healing were getting muddled with words of fear and anxiety. I later realized that the fearful and anxious messages were actually my own emotions projected back at me. Whenever I heard message from spirit, I always added in my own words of despair and hopelessness.

This happens to the best of psychics even if the person isn’t depressed. But depression is worse, being a mass of dark energy, it sucks in negativity and sends negativity back to you two fold. Depression can actually appear or feel like a dark cloud to a psychic. It can feel like the dark cloud is attacking you. And it really is attacking you. That depression cloud has all your self loathing, fears, anxiety, and guilt bundled together in a massive energy field that’s aimed right back at you. It’s the old adage, what you give out to the Universe returns to you.

Use pure essential oils in psychic sprays

To make a good psychic spray, you need to use pure essential oils. Some essential oils are mixtures or have other oils added. These mixed essential oils are diluted forms of the essence or spirit of the original essential oil. In magical work or making psychic sprays, the thinking is that the purer the ingredients, the better and more clearly the intention is conveyed to the Universe. Pure essential oils cost more, but they last a long time. I personally believe the investment is worth it.

Psychic protection spray for keeping anxiety and negative thoughts out of personal aura


  • spring water or distilled water
  • Angelica essential oil
  • Garlic essential oil
  • Mountain Pennyroyal essential oil
  • Pink Yarrow essential oil
  • Shooting Star essential oil
  • Yarrow essential oil

Fill a 1 ounce (30 ML) bottle 1/4 full with good vodka.

Fill bottle up to neck with spring water.

Add 6 drops of EACH essential oil.

Gently shake about 20 times to mix.

Label with the date you made the mixture. Expiry is 28 days after made.

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Does depression affect psychic ability? The short answer is yes. When you’re depressed, you’re looking at the world though dark glasses. Depression takes you into the dark night of the soul, wherein you question your psychic abilities, become frightened by what you see or hear of Spirit, and feel powerless.

A depressed psychic looses ability to connect with Spirit.

As a psychic, I know how hard it is to stay connected with Spirit once depression sets in. You start doubting yourself and your abilities. Fear takes over. Messages from Spirit and Guardians become muddled as you start confusing their message with your fear. If you’re an empath, it’s even harder because you are also bringing in negative energies from the people surrounding you.

Depression is a chemical imbalance within the brain and affects your mood, spirituality, thinking, and physical being. A natural psychic is open to energy flow and Spirit. Dump the dark, negative energy of depression on a psychic and the psychic’s ability to connect with Spirit becomes unbalance. After all, there’s this huge mass of darkness sitting on the light worker. It’s ugly, mean, and full of negative energy. No matter how much clearing is done, how much reiki you send it, the darkness of depression isn’t moving on. Add in lowered mood, lethargy, and physical pain and the psychic starts to disconnect from the world.

Fear and dark energies confuse the depressed psychic.

You might be thinking that disconnecting from the world would strengthen a psychic’s ability because the psychic is closer to the Spirit world. Wrong.

Fear and dark energies start to confuse the depressed psychic. When I started getting depressed, I would often confuse the dark energies of those around me with my own feelings. I thought I hated things and people I used to love. It took me a while to realize that the anger and hatred I felt were emotions being directed towards me, not the other way around!

At the same time, my serotonin levels were getting lower and lower. This made my thinking muddled. I felt powerless and confused. The world seemed to be operating on a faster level than I could take in. Yet I used to operate on that very same level! How was this happening? If I couldn’t function in the real world, how could I function in the Spirit world?

The Spirit world beckons the psychic.

Even when healthy, a psychic will tell you that the good Spirit world is peaceful and full of love. Working in positive energies draws a psychic into a vortex of bliss that is really difficult to leave once the mission or task is done. A reiki friend of mine always tells me how hard it is for her to “come back to earth” after she’s been in the positive vortex of doing reiki on someone. It takes her a lot of mental strength to not feel sad leaving that vortex.

In depression, you want to leave the pain and agony. If you’re psychic, this idea is even more appealing because you’ve felt the positive energies from Spirit or doing healing work. Those positive energies draw you towards them. They are a light beckoning you to a world of peace. But in the depressed mind, that peacefulness becomes a substitute for the pain of this world, and the idea of leaving this world can lead to ideas of suicide.

Depression can awaken more of the psychic self.

Not everything in depression is bad for the psychic. Depression is a journey of self. Depression helps you to reconnect with your Higher Self. This world distracts and detracts from the spiritual self. Money, love, social standing, justice – these are a few examples where the very physical world takes priority over the spirit world.

When you’re depressed, you enter the dark night of the soul. At the lowest darkest point of depression, you reconnect with your Higher Self. You become more peaceful. You see the world from a different perspective. Basically, your small soul has changed after all the pain and despair its gone through. Not the Higher Self because that part  of you knew what was coming in your life, had wanted you to experience these changes, and to understand what depression is about so you can be an example to others. So that part of soul, the small soul I call it, the piece that came to earth to experience life, has changed. It’s become more attuned to the Higher Self. It is more in harmony with your Higher Self and you see the world and life for what it really is and should be about.

A depressed psychic will often find that having gone through the dark night of soul strengthens psychic abilities. It may even bring new ones. Everyone who is depressed goes through the dark night of the soul. Coming out of it is a celebration of soul and life. It is an awakening to a new way of looking at life, to a new way of being.

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I write my own articles about depression and how you can help someone who is depressed. Occasionally though, I will share an article which hits the right notes with me. This is one of those moments.

“Ask Amy” is a Toronto Sun article (August 14, 2018). I liked the question that a reader had about depression.

What can I do to help a depressed friend?

That’s a question many people ask me. It’s a question I try to answer. I strongly believe that keeping your personal space healthy and happy is as important as you helping your depressed friend. In other words, you need to keep yourself emotionally healthy and happy to effectively help someone who is depressed.

So here’s Amy’s answer to that question.

Ask Amy

Dear Amy: 

I have a very close friend who is extremely depressed. She is negative about every aspect of her life: marriage, career and self-image. She posts negative memes on Facebook about how ugly she is, how depressed she is and how bad life is.

She is on medication and is seeing a licensed therapist. She is also extremely overweight. None of this is helping. She has tried different meds and has seen different therapists.

Every time I talk to her she is negative, depressed and complains constantly. I want to help her but I don’t know what else I can offer her. We have been close for many years and she has always been depressed, but it’s far worse now than ever.

She has told me numerous times that I don’t fully know what has happened in her past so I will never understand what she is going through, and then she proceeds to put herself down. Her marriage is falling apart and I know she has many issues going on with her career and her life, but is everything really that bad?

What else can I offer besides a listening ear, without getting down myself?

What advice can I give her when she is complaining?

— Out of Answers


I think that offering advice in this context is a nonstarter.

When someone is clearly depressed and so obviously negative, the best thing you can do is to point the person toward therapy and treatment. And so you can respond: “What does your therapist say about that?”

Your friend might respond that she doesn’t disclose a lot of this to her therapist. Many people paradoxically don’t actually disclose the very things that cause them the most pain to their therapists. She might say that she isn’t currently taking her meds. Encourage her to seek and continue to seek treatment.

I believe that posting negative or self-hating thoughts on social media can actually perpetuate a negative cycle, but many people reach out in this way to vent, and in turn receive supportive comments and affirmations, which they must find — otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Try not to judge her harshly for doing this.

A huge challenge for friends and family members in dealing with someone with depression is to be present and supportive, while not taking on the burdens of the depressed person.

The concept of “self-care” is currently in vogue, but many of us don’t really know how to exercise self-care in our own lives. In your case, it might mean learning to ritualize walking outdoors, reading poetry or listening to a favourite piece of music. If you aren’t feeling strong, you can’t be a supportive presence.

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