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What happens in the afterlife? As a psychic medium, I’ve had many discussions with my spirit guides and angels about that question. What is beyond death? Is death about hanging out in a blissful dream world, or suffering in a horrific hell? Or, is the afterlife a place where your soul recuperates, learns the errors of its previous life, and makes choices for a new lifetime on earth?

Heaven or Hell

Heaven or hell is a personal space the soul creates. Yes, an ethereal realm exists. At the moment of your death, spirit guides meet you. They take you through a tunnel (some call it a wormhole) into the ethereal realm. There, your lifetime flashes before you. All the good and evil in your life lies bare.

Hypnotherapists who’ve studied life after death say this part of homecoming is very personal for the soul. The soul’s emotions are raw. Memories act as triggers. The released energy creates an emotional state of hell or heaven. Guilt or anger that results from say a suicide, creates a negative space for the soul. You carry your emotional baggage with you. It weighs heavy on your soul. Your negative and positive energies will influence your experience of whatever level of the ethereal realm you end up on.

Homecoming and rebirth for the soul

I believe that the soul goes through a process before rebirth. In homecoming loved ones greet you. You remember your life, past lives and what the afterlife is about. As you progress, you enter a school for souls. There, you look at your past patterns of behaviour and decide what works and what doesn’t. You start a new plan for another lifetime. This can include the clearing up of personal debts, or creating new experiences that push the limits of the soul. Guardians and guides help you with the process. Once everything is good to go, you are ready for rebirth.

This idea isn’t new or uncommon. All religions have some theory of what happens to the soul and ideas about reincarnation. The idea of past lives has been tested by hypnotherapists who practice past life regression therapy or trauma treatment. Many people have had multiple past lives, and if they go deep enough into hypnosis, can even recount details of the afterlife.

In Jewish mysticism, the Zohar makes frequent and lengthy references to reincarnation. Job’s suffering is attributed to reincarnation.

“God does all these things twice or three times with a man, to bring back his soul from the pit to … the light of the living’ (Job 33:29, 30).”

Restoring your original vibration

Part of the afterlife involves restoring your soul’s original vibration. Apparently, only a small part of your soul gets reborn. Think of soul being bread dough. A small bud is pulled off and kneaded into shape. Meantime, the original big dough sits on the counter. That big dough is your big soul in heaven. And the little dough piece is your soul present on earth. When you die, that little piece rejoins the big dough.

When dough pieces are kneaded together, they form one dough. But, any contamination within the pieces also join the big dough piece. That’s the same with your soul in the afterlife. Your soul on earth had its share of joy, hope, agony, pain, and many other experiences. These experiences are part of you. When you enter the afterlife and merge with your higher soul, all your experiences meld into the higher soul.

The soul then needs to balance its original vibration. It takes a ‘light shower’ which has healing properties. Your guide discusses with you everything that happened on earth. You decide whether or not you lived up to your expectations of what you wanted to achieve. You decide if lessons need to be repeated in the next lifetime.

Seeing you again

When you are reborn, your soul carries all the tools and information it needs to complete its agenda. Until the age of five, your soul is able to walk out and be replaced by another soul. There are many reported cases where a severely ill child suddenly gets better and there’s a clear change in behaviour and attitude. It’s like the child is no longer the same person. You can also easily astral travel during early childhood. It takes about five years for the soul to integrate its energy with the body’s brain.

Of course, you have the choice to stay in the ethereal realm. You can also delay your rebirth. However, there certain circumstances like suicide mean that as soon as you balance your soul’s vibration and come up with a new plan, you are sent back to earth.

Whatever your decision, the ethereal realm is definitely the beginning of a new life.


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