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What happens to your soul from the moment you die to the moment you’re reborn? For 50 years, Dr. Michael Newton studied the question by documenting people’s subconscious memories of past lives, and the time in between lives. There’s a similar process every soul goes through.

What happens to your soul from the moment you die to the moment you’re reborn? 

1.)    Death and departure –

People recall looking down at their body and seeing other people mourning their death. Some people report staying around their loved ones until after the funeral. During this time, your soul feels a pull towards a light. Usually there’s a tunnel to go through but sometimes it’s a forest or pathway.

2.)    Gateway to the spirit world

You reach the light at the end of the tunnel. The location of the tunnel varies. It may appear above your body. You might have to travel above the Earth to reach it. At the end of the tunnel, there are beautiful visions, music, and scenery. Dr. Newton suggests that these images are beloved memories from your life, meant to give a feeling of familiarity during such an overwhelming process. Younger souls may feel sad or confused, so their guides will come to comfort.

3.)    Homecoming –

You’re greeted by souls who are close to you. These souls appear as luminous beings who sometimes project faces of people still alive on earth. That’s because a soul only projects a certain percentage of itself into a physical body, so there will always be a part of a soul existing in the spirit realm. You remember more about the afterlife and previous lifetimes, and feel more at ease with the process. Souls which committed murder or suicide analyze their actions with their guides and decide on an appropriate path to begin almost immediately.

4.)    Orientation –

Your soul sheds any regret, doubt, sadness, and traumatic memories from its previous life. It goes through a ‘shower of light’, which contains healing energies. This renews your soul’s vibrancy, restoring it to its original vibration. You discuss with your guide everything that happened in your life. You decide whether or not you lived up to your expectations of what you wanted to achieve. You examine how you dealt with life situations. You decide if lessons need to be repeated in the next life.  

5.)    Transition –

This is the most breathtaking part of the entire journey. You see a mega-hub of souls at the same stage, all moving through beautiful tunnels of light to their destination. People describe this moment as exciting because there is no darkness, just pure light. You’re on your way to meet your soul family. Once you meet these souls, you compare experiences and learn from each other. These are souls that you keep reincarnating with over and over again. They are your partners, siblings, parents, friends, etc. Sometimes other souls are present but they’re dimmer and quieter. That’s because they’re still projecting a physicality at that moment.  Another crucial aspect is meeting a grand counsel that oversees your previous life, and goes into more detail about your experiences and lessons learned.

6.)    Placement –

It’s like a school. Large groups of soul families who incarnate around each other in cycles learn about their previous experiences. People report projecting into specific scenes from their previous life and into other people’s minds to gain a full understanding of the larger picture. You feel what others felt so you can understand how you hurt people.  The larger soul groups connect in circles, sharing more ideas, singing, and experiencing other joyful events.

7.)    Life selection –

You move to a large sphere of light where you choose your next life path. You’re able to see multiple paths. You can temporarily project into these lives to feel which one would be most appropriate. You also have the ability to fast forward through the timelines to see critical events that will happen. Some souls will choose greater challenges to experience, such as a disability or premature death.

8.)    Choosing a new body –

This process is a part of the life selection stage, but it focuses on the physical appearance that you’ll possess in the new lifetime. This choice is important because your body will influence your life.

9.)    Preparation and embarkation –

After choosing your life path, you meet up with the people who will play roles in your new lifetime. There’s extensive planning and creation of cues to guide you throughout your life. Higher-level guides also help plan out specific symbols you’ll see or hear that will trigger certain thoughts and actions at specific times. After everything is decided, you again meet with a counsel to go over your goals and plans for the new lifetime. You’re encouraged to have patience, to hold true to your values, to trust yourself in the midst of difficult situations, and to avoid indulging in anger and negativity.

10.) Rebirth –

You travel back to Earth through the same tunnel you first saw. You’re born. Until the age of 5, your soul is able to leave your baby body to travel and meet up with other souls if it wishes. But you’ll snap back to your body if it is in any turmoil. During the first few years your soul will work to integrate its energy with the brain.

The journey between lifetimes is as complex as your earthly lifetime. There is always the choice and opportunity to remain in the ethereal dimension. That is how spirit guides and guardians get started.


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