Angel Guidance

Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, and Angels, Guides, and Other Realms is an international teacher, healer,writer, author, mystic and guardian of Mother Earth.

Sharon has been teaching and sharing workshops since 2003 in various areas of holistic healing and expanding consciousness and is currently working on her degree to become a licensed minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry.

She is here at this time to guide and assist humanity through this great awakening, this time of great change, as Mother Earth and all her Beings to a higher dimensional compassion. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her publications as well as offers a variety of workshops on Healing, Expanding Consciousness, Meditation and Spiritual Growth. As a gifted intuitive, Sharon also offers Personal Guidance Sessions and OverLight Spiritual Coaching Sessions both personal and for businesses.

It is time to move beyond Survive to Thrive. During times of great shifts, we often just do our best to Survive and not always to Thrive. The angels say that in these challenging times find ways to Thrive instead […]

It’s almost Mercury Retrograde time again! I heard some of you groan and few of you moan. I love mercury in Retro as it shows me what needs to be looked at in my projects. It is also a time […]

Your mindset tells you a lot about the conditions of the kind of life you are experiencing and now is a great time to take a deeper look. Are the blocks you are experiencing easily changed by a change in […]

Practicing Mindfulness daily is a fantastic way to feel calmer, reducing unwanted thoughts, and gain control of your life once again. It is a wonderful way to get yourself focused and back to what is really matters. Being mindful makes it […]

You deserve a good life. You deserve all the good things life has to offer. It is time for you to believe this too. No matter how bad things might be right now in your life. No matter if you […]

Finding balance amidst the chaos is true mastery. There certainly has been a fair bit of change going on and it often brings with it things that need to be let go of. Change often brings challenges that make us […]

Letting go of what no longer serves you. An often asked of us and yet not understood question is “How can I let go of what no longer serves me?” And we say to you that this is so very simple, […]

A life purposely lived is a conscious choice. You change how you view the past and the future and spend your time in the present moment. Lately I have been using some new mantras to enhance the quality of my life […]

Inviting your angels into your life helps create change and patterns for creating a better way. They can help you see the bigger picture, line things up, and guard and guide you. Invoking angel light helps you feel less alone, […]

A Guardian Angel meditation is a wonderful way to help you sleep and receive messages of love in your dream time. Snuggle up with your guardian angels and experience a new kind of bliss.   Find a special place to […]