Angel Guidance

Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, and Angels, Guides, and Other Realms is an international teacher, healer,writer, author, mystic and guardian of Mother Earth.

Sharon has been teaching and sharing workshops since 2003 in various areas of holistic healing and expanding consciousness and is currently working on her degree to become a licensed minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry.

She is here at this time to guide and assist humanity through this great awakening, this time of great change, as Mother Earth and all her Beings to a higher dimensional compassion. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her publications as well as offers a variety of workshops on Healing, Expanding Consciousness, Meditation and Spiritual Growth. As a gifted intuitive, Sharon also offers Personal Guidance Sessions and OverLight Spiritual Coaching Sessions both personal and for businesses.

Are you distracted by all of the drama that has been going on in the world? It seems that a lot of energy, focus, and money is being spent on focusing on worst-case scenarios, past events, and discontentment with life. It is […]

You are too sensitive! Have you heard this one before? I am no stranger to this comment as I am very much aware of my environment, both within and without. At times it is challenging to deal with, but I have […]

Finding gratitude helps you make things happen in your life. Thank your day everyday! Some days are good days and well, lets face it, some days are just plane bad. I don’t like to stay in the bad ones and […]

Transformation is part of life. There are a special group of  angels here to help you through the times of transition. We have moved beyond a time of transcendence to a time when it is important for us to learn […]

Don’t give your energy away to toxic relationships. There will always be people in your life who make you feel better and who make you feel worse. The trick is to recognize when you having toxic relationships so you can […]

Achieving balance is sometimes a challenge and yet also very necessary. You are here – a spirit being – having a physical experience. Make sure you have enough of all your activities so you can be healthy and whole, living […]

What Vibes are you sending out to the Universe? Be picky about your vibes. Be picky about the vibes you choose to associate with and watch how your world begins to change in a positive way. The impact of becoming […]

Human Angels are everywhere! When needed, they fly into action and make a real difference. As we evacuated our community on fire the other day we were astounded by the amazing people we encountered along the way. It took us […]

I am invoking my angels as I post this before I head off for the north due to the forest fires in the interior of British Columbia where I live. We were give an evacuation alert last night so my […]

Connecting with your inner Guru is the best guidance you can receive.  A Guru is a spiritual teacher of great wisdom. The only true Guru is God’s presence within you.  This connection seeks to intuitively instruct you as to the […]