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Matthew West

Matthew West

Read an excerpt from the singer/songwriter's book, The Story of Your Life.

Annie Lobért

Raped, beaten, and kidnapped, Annie Lobért was living within a prison of sex trafficking, drugs and prostituting.

Joyce Meyer

Roll up your sleeves and prepare to challenge yourself with Joyce Meyer, who talks on ways to overcome struggles in her book “Power Thoughts.”

Tricia Brock

Tricia Brock

Superchick's Tricia Brock ventures out on her own with her first solo record. She shares how her struggles redefined her worship.

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Prayer for Those Who Govern

Sovereign Lord we pray for our country at all times, we pray for...all those who guide and govern. Help them in every situation to know and to do the things that are right and just, with soundness of judgement in making vital decisions, praying always particularly for the peacemakers, that your Holy life-giving Spirit may ever dwell in their hearts and that the barriers of fear, suspicion and hatred may fall. We pray in the name of your Son, the Prince of Peace.

- Muriel Marshall

Source: St. Edward's Church (Plymouth, England)

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