Reprinted from The Job Hunter's Spiritual Companion with permission of Innisfree Press.

To help you integrate your spiritual life with your job search, I recommend engaging in a committed, daily spiritual practice, combining meditation and prayer. Think of it as giving yourself a loving discipline during which you will pay attention to your inner spiritual life.

During the period of your job search, when you are considering so many issues, I think it is particularly important to set aside three specific times each day for a spiritual practice of some kind. I've outlined three possible practices for you to consider. Use what fits you and supplement as you choose with other personal, spiritual, and religious practices.

I will tell you this: If you are faithful to a spiritual practice, you will stay on the path to find what you are seeking. Your spiritual practice, however you design it, will become a rich source of meaning and direction for your vocation, your work, and your entire life.

On rising:
When you first awake, give thanks for this day and all it represents.
Become silent, focusing only on your breathing. Remain silent for approximately three minutes.
Petition, either silently or aloud, to be shown direction this day, to give and receive assistance, and to be brought into contact with the people you need, who also need you.
Visualize beginning the day prepared both spiritually and physically for the challenges ahead.
Consider that this day you will participate in the act of creation together with the Creator.
Affirm to yourself that you belong where you are and that you have a purpose for being.

At midday or early evening:
Give thanks for the gift of the day, whatever it is bringing you. Sit in silence for three minutes, concentrating on your breathing. Let your mind empty of the day's concerns.

Present petitions:

  • for continuing guidance
  • for direction
  • for peace
  • for happiness
  • for humor
  • for prosperity
  • for work you love
  • for a geographic location that fits you
  • for mutually rewarding relationships
  • for the ability to give freely
  • for the happiness of family
  • for the happiness of friends
  • for any other needs

    Visualize receiving what you need.
    Vow to be open to all forms of the "answers."
    End by quietly giving thanks.

    At bedtime:
    Give thanks for the experience of this day.
    Enter a silent, meditative state.
  • from a sacred text
  • from a spiritual work
  • from a book of meditations
  • from other books that have touched you, or that have been offered you by friends or spiritual advisors

    After your reading, be still and open to the revelations for at least five minutes, allowing the reading to permeate your spirit.
    Consider how you might put revelations from your reading into practice in the coming day.
    Give thanks for any events of the day that seem particularly helpful; give thanks for events that seem particularly hard.
    Reaffirm that you have lived a good day upon this earth.
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