Quiz: What's Your Spiritual Type?

"What's your religion?" It used to be such a simple question to answer. But now you might be "spiritual but not religious"--or raised in one faith but practicing another. Maybe you're a Methodist but think of yourself more as an evangelical, or a seeker who is anti-religion--or born again. The old categories don't seem to work because the religious landscape has changed so much.

The quiz is meant to help you learn about your self, see how you compare with others, and have a little fun. Please allow about 10 minutes for completion. Afterward, you might want to visit our message boards to meet others with similar scores.

Q1. I believe that God:
1. Exists and intervenes in daily events
2. Exists but does not intervene in daily events
3. Is a spiritual ideal, not an actual being
4. Does not exist
Q2. When I think about issues of faith or spirituality, my foremost concern is:
1. A sense of connection to something larger than myself
2. A rational understanding of whether religious claims are valid
3. A personal relationship with God
4. A framework of morality and hope
Q3. I believe the scripture I know best (the Bible, the Koran, etc.) is:
1. Mostly or entirely mythology
2. Divinely inspired and mostly true
3. Divinely written and accurate
4. Should be viewed mainly as storytelling or metaphor, not a literal account
Q4. Which of these statements comes closest to expressing your most basic view regarding faith?
1. Faith is important because it helps us cope with the struggles and hardships of life
2. Faith is important because it makes the world a better place, by encouraging love and moral behavior
3. Faith is not important
4. Faith is important because it fulfills God's wishes and protects our souls
Q5. I believe that the universe we observe:
1. Is natural in origin, but has higher spiritual aspects
2. Was created supernaturally
3. Is completely natural and has no higher aspect
4. Was created under divine guidance, but using natural physics

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