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Kelly M. Grow/ California Department of Water Resources

Kelly M. Grow/ California Department of Water Resources

Hollywood actress Brenda Epperson was in the news recently when her home was almost swallowed up by California wildfires. During moments of terror when she wasn’t sure her home would survive, she prayed Psalm 91 over her home. It became a miracle that her home was spared, and she shared her testimony with fans.

Now, Epperson is fighting nature’s elements once again. This time, it was wind and raid that was threatening her home.

Epperson shared a video on Instagram showing floodwaters rising quickly around her home from heavy rain. Due to the recent wildfires, there was a lack of protection from runoff. Trees that would normally prevent mudslides from happening, for example, had been burned down.

The actress asked for prayers for protection from fans, along with prayers for those whose homes were already effected.

In the Instagram post she wrote, “Waters flooded our creek inches from barn horses okay for now, can evacuate if necessary. Pray for fire areas and homes in way of this raging water, homes near us already flooding. Bless you God be with everyone. #JustBElieve”

Following her initial post, Epperson took to Instagram again to announce that the water had receded.

“UPDATE The water has receded! Thank you for your prayers and love!” she wrote.

“The bridge is still there, which is really exciting news. The creek – the water has come down. There’s tons of mud behind me because the water came up so high,” Epperson explained in her video post.

She was joyful in the video, and appreciative of those who prayed over her.

“Right now we are out of trouble. Thank you for your prayers and your love and just pray for all those that are in the burn areas,” she added.

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One of the most beloved Christian bachelors is now off the market. Athlete Tim Tebow proposed to his girlfriend, former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, at the start of 2019. The high profile couple has something special, though. They are choosing to save sex for their wedding night.

Tebow, a 31-year-old virgin, has said he would save himself for marriage since the beginning of his career, which many fans have supported. Despite now being engaged, he still wants to keep that promise to God and is joyful that Nel-Peters does too.

“It’s just a choice that we made, that we both wanted to do that together and we’ll try to make it as special as possible,” Tebow said.

When asked when he knew that Nel-Peters was the one, Tebow had this to say: “You know what’s crazy is we both kinda knew the first or second time we hung out.”

Tebow shares more in the interview below.

“Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes!” Celebrity Christ Pratt wrote in an Instagram announcement regarding his proposal to Katherine Schwarzeneger earlier this year. “I’m thrilled to be marrying you. Proud to live boldly in faith with you.”

Chris Pratt, and his newly engaged fiance Katherine Schwarzeneger, have become one of Hollywood’s favorite couples, all while sharing out their love of Christ.

“They’re going to want a religious wedding,” an insider told People Magazine. “I know that Chris does, and I assume that she does, too. God is going to be a part of this marriage.”

The fact that Schwarzenegger doesn’t shy away from discussing her beliefs openly with others is one of the reasons that Pratt was drawn to her. Schwarzenegger and Pratt started in the 2018.

“He’s constantly around other people who have no faith or are apologetic about it, but not her,” the source added. “She is willing to talk about it to anyone who will listen.”

Schwarzenegger’s mother, Maria Shriver, congratulated the couple writing on Pratt’s Instagram post: “Congratulations to two loving kind caring thoughtful Spiritual people we are so happy for you you are blessed as is everyone who knows you yes let’s go.”

Fans have known from the start that the couple keeps God at the center of their relationship. They have been spotted attending church together in LA on many occasions. In a birthday tribute to his grilfriend in December, Pratt wrote: “thrilled God put you in my life.” The picture featured Schwarzenegger holding a wooden sign etched with the words of 1 Timothy 1:14: “Grace mixed with faith and love poured over me and into me. And all because of Jesus.”

Schwarzenegger was raised in a Catholic home, while Pratt didn’t dedicate himself to Jesus until he was a bit older. Pratt admittedly has made his fair share of mistakes thoughtout his faith journey, but uses that to encourage other Christian fans that may be struggling.

In previous interview with the Associated Press he said, “That kind of message, it might not be for everybody. But there is a group of people for whom that message is designed. And nothing files my soul more than to think that maybe some kid watching that would say, ‘Hey, I’ve been thinking about praying. Let me try that out.’”

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JMP/YouTube Thumbnail

JMP/YouTube Thumbnail

DMX showed up to Kanye West’s Sunday Service to praise God’s name is a very special way, leading prayer.

The rapper delivered a “morning prayer” Sunday right before West’s service. These outdoor concerts feature gospel music and special performers every weekend.

The services have been going on for the past couple of months.

During this prayer, X touched on a few things, specifically blessings, accepting Jesus, shooting down the devil and being highly favored by God.

The crowd was moved as he really took the entire audience to church!

DMX has been through many trials, including drug addiction and more recently a case dealing with tax evasion. This prayer really seemed to be one spoken from the heart. That’s why it is so moving!

He is just the person we needed this prayer from.

Right when the music began to kick in, everyone began to shout, sing and dance. West’s daughter was not shy to dancing and praising God.

West’s Summer Service has been a big success since beginning in January and has grown substantially since they first started indoors with far less people. A number of videos from this very service have gone viral, particularly the ones where Kanye West seems to be channeling his early “Jesus Walks” vibes.

Watch DMX praise God in this powerful video below.