Father and Daughter

Much has been written about mother and daughter relationships, but you typically don’t hear a lot about father-daughter relationships. What girl doesn’t love her dad? From the time they’re young, girls are taught that their dad is one of the most influential men in their life. In the new Pure Flix film “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters,” we’re introduced to a father-daughter dynamic that’s all too familiar. Steve Partson has three daughters, Bridget, Abby, and Zoey. Steve feels the need to control every aspect of his daughters’ lives, but at some point, he realizes that he should leave them in God’s hands.

What father can’t relate to that story? When your children are young, they cling to you for everything. However, as they age, they stray further from their parents. This separation can be especially hard for fathers and daughters. They watch their little girl grow into a woman right before them and realize that they can’t stop it. That being said, daughters still need their fathers as they grow. Dads give great advice, they’re always there for you, and they’ll be there to catch you when you fall. Here are some reasons why daughters need their dads.

A dad’s support builds confidence.

A father may not always agree with his daughter, but she needs to know that he’ll support her. In the “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters," Steve didn’t initially agree with his daughter Abby marrying a man she met on a mission trip. However, by the end, he was able to release control and support Abby's decision. When a father wholeheartedly supports his daughter, it instills self-esteem and a positive self-image in her. This doesn’t mean that you always have to agree with her. However, it would help if you showed her that you believe in her as a person and believe in her abilities. By instilling confidence in your daughter, she’ll be able to go into the world with her head held high.

An involved dad can create a bond.

A daughter needs her dad to be actively involved and interested in her life. Active interest doesn’t mean the blip of a conversation when a father asks his daughter about her day, and she gives a one-word response. Instead, a dad should try to participate in his daughter’s interests and hobbies by showing interest. For example, take her to coin shows if she is interested in collecting coins. It would help if you researched some rare coins to discuss with her. If your daughter is interested in any sports, be her biggest fan and supporter. Show your daughter that you’re interested in her life by learning more about her interests and becoming a part of them.

Dads create the standard for romantic relationships.

As they age, daughters pick partners with similar attributes to their dad. This idea means that dads show their daughters what to expect from relationships. This influence happens in numerous ways. The way dads act toward their daughters is critical. Supportive and respectful fathers who keep their promises show their daughters what to expect in their relationships. Daughters also see how their fathers act in their own romantic relationships. However, divorce dads aren’t exempt. How dads behave with their separated spouses can also affect their daughter’s behavior.

Dads give their daughters encouragement.

Whether attempting a new sport, trying different foods, or standing up to a bully, daughters likely get their sense of adventure and courage from their dads. However, dads should be careful about how they approach their daughters for them to learn these lessons. Dads are typically the rescuers, protectors, and fixers, which can be a good thing. However, to raise adventurous daughters who are empowered to solve their problems and feel able to take risks, dads must go against these feelings. Instead, they should focus on empowering their daughters by telling them they can do anything they put on their minds.

Reassuring fathers can improve their daughter’s body image.

At some point in their journey, most girls don’t feel confident with their bodies. It can be small for some, but unfortunately, it can escalate for others. Girls with poor body image can socially isolate themselves and obsess over their appearance, causing them to lose confidence. Sometimes, they can develop eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Dads may not be the only people who influence how their daughters look at their bodies, but they play an essential role. Young girls absorb how fathers talk to them about their looks and are also influenced by how their fathers talk about others’ looks. It would be best if dads spoke respectfully about how people look regardless of their body type.

Daughters need a confidant.

When your daughter comes to you to discuss personal issues, she needs to know that you’ll treat them with confidence and respect. Your private conversations shouldn’t become dinner table conversations with the rest of the family. By keeping your discussions confidential, your daughter will know that she can trust you, and the daughter-father bond will deepen.

Daughters need unconditional love.

Similar to our Heavenly Father showing us unconditional love, earthly fathers should also display this love. Unconditional love entails a daughter knowing that no matter how much she messes up, her dad will be there to catch her when she falls. A daughter needs to know that he won’t ridicule or demean her, but he’ll forgive her. In the “Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters” film, Steve drags his daughter from a party, and naturally, she’s embarrassed and tells him she hates him when they get home. At that moment, Steve realizes that he should have handled the situation differently.

Daughters need fantastic dads. It would be almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of a father-daughter relationship. Young women who have great relationships with their dads do better in school, make better relationship choices and have high self-esteem. They know they can reach their goals and understand the significance of working hard to achieve those goals. Actively involved, loving dads deserve all the encouragement and praise they can get. They may not realize it, but they play a big part in turning girls into remarkable women. No matter how old she gets, every girl needs her dad. "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" is available for streaming on Pure Flix starting August 1, 2022.

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