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If I were to ask you how much money you think you would need in order for you to be “wealthy,” what number would you pick?

Whatever number you
selected, I can promise you that there is someone out there who has
that amount of money but who, in fact, still feels financially at risk or even
poor.  And, of course, whatever number you picked, there are also people
who have less than that yet feel financially secure or even “wealthy.”

When you think about it, feeling wealthy is nothing more than a state
of mind. Let me give you an example. My husband is a musician and avid guitar fan
(fanatic!) who reads guitar magazines constantly and has a small
collection of electric guitars that he loves. He tells me that when he
is playing guitar or even looking at them, he feels like one of the
wealthiest people in the world. Yet, by most definitions, our family is far from “wealthy.” Yet, all he has to do is pick up a guitar and connect with his passion and suddenly, he is transformed and feels like the richest man in the room. His wealth is truly
a state of mind.

We sometimes hear stories from our parents or grandparents about a single prized
possession they had – a silver mirror, beautiful china, or a vintage
car that they proudly polished on weekends. These were
treasures that were cherished and enjoyed for years no matter how
little money they had. Certainly, while enjoying these “treasures”, it is unlikely that the owners were lamenting how little
they had. They were absorbed in the joy of the moment.

The treasures that make us feel wealthy often are not material
objects. A yearly vacation to the coast, visits across country to be
with loved ones or friends, or just hanging out in the company of loved ones can also
give us a sense of having and living rich lives.

I’d like to suggest that you give yourself more of whatever it is that allows you that expansive feeling of being wealthy and living a rich life.

This usually has very little to do with what you have or how much, but rather how the experience of it touches you and makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself.

That is the secret of feeling
and being truly “wealthy.” When some part of your spirit is being reflected back to you by the
experience, person or  object you are enjoying. Like my husband and his guitar. 

We don’t need more and more things to make us wealthy. Landfills
everywhere are full of broken toys and abandoned things that we once thought we needed.

What we greatly need more of is to feel engaged with our passion, our purpose and people  to connect with and nourish our lives and spirit in ways that are enriching.

When you discover what this is for you and allow yourself more of it in your daily life, then you too, will most certainly be more wealthy.

Peace & Blessings!


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