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Welcome to Good News Friday!

We’ve all had a long year of bad news on just about every front and I think it’s time to start focusing and sharing what’s happening all around us that is GOOD, POSITIVE AND LIFE-AFFIRMING! Because guess what…good things are actually happening all around us everyday. Perhaps if we can just begin putting more of our energy and attention on that, it will become contagious and we can begin to create even more good.

Good News Friday is dedicated to bringing you good news only every Friday — positive  financial news, acts of generosity, and stories of personal and financial hope and renewal.
If you have a story…please share it!

So today, I’d like to share with you something wonderful that is happening in the world.

I recently learned about ONE Sabbath, a non-profit organization with over 2 million members worldwide, people of faith — different faiths —- that have put aside their religious differences to become united in their efforts to fight global poverty.
Co-founded by Bono, ONE Sabbath is an amazing organization that is empowering people to come together in their local communities of faith, regardless of origin, to organize One Sabbath events in their own communities in an effort to battle the ravages of poverty around the globe.

With over half the world’s people living on less a dollar a day,
poverty remains one of the most tragic issues of our time and one we
actually have the power and resources to solve.

Some of the issues that One Sabbath is focuses on include HIV/Aids, Education, Debt Cancellation, Trade, Climate Issues, Development Assistance, Water & Sanitation, and Governance & Policy.

Become a member of One Sabbath or visit their blog for more information about how to become part of this multi-faith based movement to end global poverty. I joined today!

Spread the word and help spread the good news.

Peace and Blessings!

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