Sadly, today is my last blog on Beliefnet. It has been a tremendous
pleasure and honor to have been a part of your lives for the last year. In parting, I want you to know that I hope to continue to be a resource to you through my work at The Money Coaching Institute. Our work as
Money Coaches continues to grow around the world! This coming May, I will be traveling to Singapore to train our new team there!

I am both humbled and excited that my vision of helping to heal and
transform the collective consciousness around money is really
happening! We now have Money Coaches throughout the U.S., in Singapore,
Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mauritius and South Africa. It’s
amazing what can be done with a little determination, passion, purpose
and God’s grace…the perfect recipe.
  Notice that money wasn’t one of the ingredients. I was flat broke when
I began this journey. Nor am I rich today. I do, however, lead a very
rich life that is deeply fulfilling.


Today, when I look around at the world we inhabit, I am struck by the vast
richness of our planet. It is miraculously abundant and this abundance
that we’ve been given is our natural state and inheritance. There truly is enough of everything for everyone…we just need a more
conscious distribution system. When 90% of the world’s wealth is held
on to so tightly by 10% of the population, a great unnatural imbalance
is created.

The natural laws of the universe are such that these imbalances will always
seek some means of correction. An earthquake in Haiti, the poorest
country in North America, creates devastation followed by billions in
aid to help them rebuild.  Are these simply natural events or the part
of some greater purpose to help us regain balance and equilibrium in a
world where poverty is our greatest disease?

A world in which 50% of the population — over 3 billion people —-
live on less than $2.50 a day, and according to UNICEF, where over
25,000 children die each day from poverty. We simply can no longer
continue to turn a blind eye.

After doing this work for over a decade, it is clear to me that most of
our suffering around money has to do with trying to solve our internal
problems through external means. Unfortunately, this “money wound” left
unattended, only becomes a sink hole that is impossible to fill with
enough stuff to ever heal. This wound must be healed from the inside.

Now more than ever, we are being called to do this work and to heal.

need to finally realize that our self-worth does not grow in proportion to our net-worth. Buying a McMansion or possessing multiple houses that no
one ever occupies while millions remain homeless will not heal you.
Expensive cars that consume too much oil and pollute the environment
will not take you very far from the pain. Expensive, designer-label
clothes will not make you feel good about yourself for longer than a

Your value and worth are greater than anything you could ever own. As
we begin to truly value and love one another — and say no more! to
separation and poverty, we will raise our collective value and worth.
Each human being on this planet is a precious resource with potential
that needs to be tapped so that together we can solve the issues of our
I believe in this potential and fight for it everyday of my life.

So I leave you with these words. It is not what you have but what you
do with this one precious life that matters
. You come in with nothing
and will leave with even less if you do not do something with this gift you have been given. Life is a magical journey that really only
begins when you discover who you really are, why you are here and begin
doing it. Don’t wait for the money, for approval or anyone’s permission.

Be still and listen…there is work to be done! What part of it is
yours to do?

Most importantly, remember this: money is not meant to be the main

course you spend your life making and consuming. You may or may not
even receive it as dessert! However, it will cease to matter if you
are  busy being the best you! — you can be and doing what you came to do.

You might not even want dessert! Because you will already be filled
with   the meaning and purpose of your life…which is more sweet and
satisfying than a bowl full of money, any day!

Keep in touch…write to me at and know
that as always I wish you...peace and blessings!

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