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As of September, the national unemployment rate rose to 9.7% with over 14 million people unemployed. The hardest hit of this group are our youth, ages 16 to 24, of which over 46% are without employment. This is truly heart-breaking.

One of our unemployed readers wrote in with this request from our community and I thought it sounded like a great idea:

“I am seeking a group of spiritually uplifting individuals who
may be unemployed for daily support. To create a conversation for each
day that propels each of us! Is there such a group and how do I find
them?” Sincerely, Donna
  (Respond to Donna’s comment)

I’d like to encourage all of you who are looking for work to join Donna in creating a support group of “Encouragement for the Unemployed.”

This is undoubtedly a very difficult time for many people and it would be wonderful to have people connect to support and encourage each other
on Beliefnet. Start your own forum or prayer circle.

If you are currently going through a hard time, it can help to have the support of others who understand what we’re going through. You don’t need to do this alone! 

Here’s a prayer for all those who are unemployed:

Dear God,
We pray and ask for your love, guidance and support for all who are experiencing financial hardship and unemployment at
this time.
Please guide us to a swift end of this recession and return
our lives and economy to our natural state of abundance and prosperity.
Help all those in need to find jobs and recover their financial
well-being and security. Give us faith, hope, courage and perseverance
to ride out this storm and restore us all to personal and financial
And so it is.

Peace & Blessings!


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