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“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

A large part of my work to help people move beyond their blocks and perceived limitations to building the life they are committed to creating. The key words to focus on here are COMMITMENT and CREATIVITY which are essential in order to change life-long habits and beliefs that often keep us stuck. Commitment is essential because change doesn’t just magically happen and creativity is necessary because all change requires a new level of awareness and everything new begins in the imagination.

So, if you want to change your life and manifest greater abundance, it will require that you become creatively inspired and use what God has given you differently than you may have in the past. This may include how you think, speak and/or act on a daily basis. Imagine that!

In Money Coaching, the ideal Money Type is the Magician, which can be misunderstood. When people call my office and ask me if I can help them to become a Money Magician, I tell them that it depends…and ask them these questions:
1. How would that change your life?
2. Why does that matter you?
3. How committed are you to having it?

And then I tell explain that becoming a Magician is not just about having more money. It is a journey that is about the exploration and discovery of your life’s purpose and how to most successfully express that purpose in the world. If you are attached to having that be about money, you may be disappointed.

In other words, not everyone’s purpose is about doing something that will make them rich.
For example, Mother Teresa lived her life’s purpose caring for the sick and the poor and she did so tirelessly her entire life. She achieved fame and became a saint but she never achieved material wealth. However, she lived a life rich in purpose and spirit.

Others, like Bill Gates, live their purpose by utilizing their gifts differently. In doing so, Bill Gates changed the world as we know it through technological advances and became a billionaire.

What Mother Teresa and Gates have in common is creativity and commitment which required thinking and action at a new level. And they both were driven by purpose and passion, which is the spark that ignites all change and advances that have ever occurred in the world.

What you must know is that this same spark exists in you and if you dare to ignite it with a new vision for your life and begin to get creative and commit to action to further vision and purpose everyday (even little steps)….nothing will stop you. This is what I know and how I have lived my life…and so can you!

More tomorrow on How to Become a Money Magician!

Peace & Blessings!


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