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The Magician is the ideal Money Type and represents the person who is comfortable and at peace with both their inner landscape and the material world. At our best, when we are willing to heal the wounds of the past and claim our own power, we are all Magicians.

The Magician is fully awake and aware of himself and the world around him. She has transformed the past and possesses a deep understanding of her patterns and is committed to seeing and living the truth of who she really is which is always evolving.

Magicians know the source of everything —- lies in their ability to tap into their Highest Self and their Higher Power.  Magicians have great faith, love, and patience and know that their needs are always met. They realize that the key to their spiritual wealth lies within and through the inner journey gain access to expressing their gifts and purpose in the material world.  

Magicians are:
? Committed to healing
? Wise
? Conscious
? Trusting
? Generous
? Loving
? Powerful
? Optimistic
? Open to Flow
? Confident
? Compassionate
? Unattached
? Connected to Spirit

Whenever the Magician encounters money issues or problems, they seek to find the answer within themselves and in their relationship to God. They seek to resolve whatever needs healing or correcting within and act quickly to identify blocks or obstacles to receiving God’s grace.

The Magician’s Formula for Prosperity:
M – Masters of the art of Transforming Reality
A – Aligned with Universal Spiritual Beliefs
G – Guided by Insight and Revelation
I  – Integrity-based in their Actions
C – Connected to Spirit
I  – Intuitive
A – Abundant
N – Unattached to the Outcome

Excerpted from my book, Money Magic:Unleashing Your True Potential for Wealth and Prosperity (published by New World Library, copyright by Deborah L. Price)

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