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Many of our readers are in need of prayers of support right now due to financial hardship. If you are in need of a prayer, please join our Financial Prayer Circle. You can also offer your prayers of support to others.

Here are some of this week’s prayer requests:

From Angel C.
“I am behind on taxes, house needs repairs, is in foreclosure. Scraping by day to day.” (read more…)

From Tori Miller
“I am looking for something that will allow me to help others and still
be able to support my own family.   I am a struggling, single,
unemployed mother. I have been unemployed for 3 months and after
sending over 100 resumes, I still have had no success.” (read more…)

Here’s a prayer for today:

Dear God,
We pray for financial healing and support for
all those who are suffering personally and financially
at this time. Please provide food, shelter, employment
and relief to all those in need. We pray that the needs of
all people everywhere be met and that our local and global
economy be rebalanced and restored. We ask that wisdom
and hope prevail as together we build a new world of hope
and possibility that provides security and abundance
for all. Free us all from the illusion of lack
and limitation and deliver us to our full potential.
And so it is.

~ Deborah Price

Peace & Blessings!

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