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Years ago, I had a client who was in her 70’s who was widowed and had
grown up during the depression. I just loved her…she lived very
simply and frugally, yet was one of the happiest, most contented people I
had ever met. She never used credit cards, her house was paid off, she
had plenty of savings and in her retirement, her one big luxury was to
go out to dinner once a week.

She loved good food and so we dined together occasionally. Once during a dinner conversation, I asked her if she would share her
secret to being so financially wise and content and this is what she
“My husband and I were so happy that we found each other that it didn’t
matter what we had or did as long as we had each other. We had a little
accounting business and our philosophy was simple, but it worked well
for us. This is what was: Every check you get you should spend some,
save some, and give some away
. We lived like that quite happily for
over 50 years!”

Quite simply, what she and her husband had mastered is something I see
very few people able to do —- live within their means.

I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be if we all could live like
this and wondering why it is that most of us cannot. I realize that
part of the reason is that our standard of living is higher as is the cost of living.
But, I think perhaps there is another reason which is that it seems we’ve become the ultimate “now” generation. We are driven to have
all and do it all “now” as if we don’t trust that we’ll ever get it

I think the price we’re all paying for this is something we may have
overlooked. So here’s something to consider as you go about your
weekend. Every time you go to purchase something,stop and check in with your true feelings, and ask yourself these important questions:

Is this something I really need or is this something I just want?
Why do I want it? What need does it fulfill?
Is there something else I can do (without spending money) to take care of that need?
And lastly, will it give me greater peace to spend this money, save this money or give it away?

Here’s a blessing for the weekend:

you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be
peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

~ Ancient Tibetan Blessing

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