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Today’s Money Coaching blog is in response to Danny who wrote in with the following situation:

“It’s been just a couple of weeks since I was laid off but the pressure
from my wife to do better is sometimes disheartening. I have made so
many mistakes in the past that they are coming back to haunt me through
her lack of faith in my ability to find new employment. She believes
that I am not doing it fast enough and that things should happen faster.
I know that she means well but sometimes I lose heart.” (read more…)

Dear Danny,

I’m sorry to hear of your recent job loss and the stress that this is
putting on your relationship. You mentioned that you are being haunted
by past mistakes and I would like to address this with you. It seems as
though both you and your wife need to let go of the past — I mean
really be done with it — and forgive each other
so that you can be free of it and move forward to creating a new and
better life.

It’s important to remember: You are not your mistakes. Mistakes are
just R&D ( Research and Development) and almost everything wonderful and
amazing comes about through learning what doesn’t work and then
applying that knowledge and awareness to finding out what does. But if
we, or those around us, only focus on the mistakes and what we’ve done
wrong, they usually end up with more of the same. If you want things to
change, you both need to get on the same page and focus on creating what you do want. 

So. I recommend that you and your wife do the following exercise together:

Answer these Questions
What do you love and appreciate about each other?
2.  What do you want your life to look like?

3. How much money do you think it will take to create this reality?

4. What life experience, skills and talents do you have to lend to
creating it?

5. How much time, energy and resources are you willing to commit to
building this reality?
6. Who or what is preventing you from beginning to create this life?

We only have this one beautiful, miraculous life and it is up to us what
we do with it. Put your heart, energy, intention and ATTENTION on making
this one life and gift that you’ve been given something wonderful to

We are all children of God and as such are blessed with
“Designer Genes.” You have it  within you to make a new life. If you
need help getting there, ask for help…it’s okay. We all need help and support. You
deserve it, so take heed and don’t look back.

Please join our Financial Prayer Circle and offer your prayers of support to Danny and his wife.

Peace & Blessings!

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