When we are challenged, personally and financially, it can be difficult
to stay centered, calm and positively proactive. Yet, if we can’t
make these necessary adjustments, our lives can begin to spiral into a
downward cycle of negativity and defeat. One of the things I teach my

clients is to actively listen to and guard their thoughts vigilantly.
Negative thoughts are like thieves that enter in the night and rob you
of your higher
good and potential.

Here’s an exercise to do that can help you stay focused and positive. This is especially critical when you are trying to recover from a
financial setback
or need to find a new job, if you’re unemployed:

“Mind Watch” Exercise:

Find a quiet place to sit comfortably for a period of 10 minutes a day.
Gently inform your mind that you are present and on “watch.”
As you sit, begin to notice how your mind drifts from one thought to
another. Whenever you notice a negative thought, calmly repeat these words:

“Access Denied…Cancel Thought.”
There is nothing else for you to do. Do not
let these negative thoughts disturb your peace. They do not have any power over you unless you allow them access to your mind.

This process is a gentle form of training your mind. It can help you learn to control your thoughts, rather than being controlled by them. If
you commit to doing this process consistently, you will begin to notice your thoughts all the
and automatically  “deny access and cancel” any negative or
counter-productive thoughts as they arise.

To give your mind something else to do that is positive, use affirmations daily.
Watch this great video on Beliefnet by Charlene Powers on the Power of Affirmations.

Here’s a wonderful affirmation to work with today:

The enlivening Spirit of God is

freely expressive in and through me.

It illumines my mind,

regenerates my body,

inspires me with creative ideas,

empowers my constructive actions,

and easily and harmoniously arranges

all of my circumstances.

Every aspect of my life is now in divine order.

~ Roy Eugene Davis

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