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As we approach December, I'm looking to write a book proposal and, probably give up daily blogging.

On this Thanksgiving eve, whether you're seeing change in your job or your bank account, in the shifting of relationships or in time's going faster than it used to, you can probably agree that it takes some grit to do this life-on-earth thing.

Our family classic vegan Thanksgiving menu

I had cause today to pull quotations from several of my books and thought I'd share a sampling with you.

The most adorable -- and helpful -- little book recently made its way to me, The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide, by Kate Hanley. I asked if she'd provide a guest blog for today as our thoughts turn holiday-ward.

The truth about ourselves, Part II: Victoria Moran's second top 10 list of things we should all be hearing.

Some of you have told me that you really like "Friday's 5 Faves" which I haven't done in awhile, so here goes: Natural Products in My Bathroom Cabinet.

Today a message came from Mary Max, a devoted advocate for mitigating cruelty in the world and the wife of the wonderful artist, Peter Max. I'm using her message as a guest blog today, and plenty of food for thought.

As I ponder the complexities -- the bravery of fighting versus the bravery of pacifism, the necessity of fighting versus the necessity of, some day, turning swords into plowshares -- I feel moved to share this story from my past....

A top 10 list of truths about you that somebody ought to be telling you. Life coach and author Victoria Moran is telling.

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