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1. Nobody is better than you.

2. What you want is what you’re supposed to be wanting right now.

3. You deserve a remarkable life.

4. Doing something to feel good isn’t just okay; it’s vital.

5. Make your life pretty. It will help. 

6. You are so incredibly beautiful.

7. There is nothing to be afraid of. 

8. Everything is okay, if you could see from a broader
vantage point, you’d know that. The reason for faith is because we’re living
here in the forest where we can only see trees.

9. The way the earth judges and measures is just screwy
judging and measuring. Things like fame and money are fine if they make you
happy, but in terms of what matters, they’re not even in the ballpark.

10. You are so incredibly loved. And valuable. And
important. And treasured.

Part II comes next Tuesday. 

Victoria Moran is a spiritual-life and holistic health and nutrition coach with a practice in New York City and telephone clients throughout North America. To learn more about her coaching services, go to www.victoriamoran.com/coaching.

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