Year of Sundays

Amanda P. Westmont has a co-dependent relationship with her Kindle and a blog named after her breast milk. She lives in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon with a deaf rat terrier named Harry, two delectable children and a collection of vinyl motorcycle jackets. She co-authors a religion blog called with her cute, bald boyfriend who likes to keep her up all night and then clean her kitchen the next morning. For everything you ever wanted to know about Amanda (and plenty you didn't), visit her website at

It’s been almost a year since the inspiration for this blog began with a trip to the First A.M.E. Zion Church in North Portland. It was a predominantly black church in a predominantly black neighborhood and what I wrote about […]

I haven’t written a goddamn (pun intended) thing here since OCTOBER. I’m pretty good at math and that equals nearly three months of silence from this here heathen. I think I’m overdue to at least check in and apologize, but […]

All summer I had to drive by the Hare Krishna house on my way to beauty school a mere three blocks and every day I drove by and thought, “WE SHOULD GO THERE.” But then I’d finish school, run out […]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder what a video (or three) is worth? Joel, the hardcore hometown Portland boy (who still refuses to admit he doesn’t live there anymore…) did such a good job describing the […]

Yesterday we tromped down to China town in the rain for a visit to the 24-Hour COIN-OP Church of Elvis. Come back in a day or two to read all about it and see video footage of Joel and I […]

A rabbi is chanting voicemail messages left by people in the towers.

We started with We Shall Overcome and now three adorable Jewish boys in yarmulkes are singing Isaac & Ishmael with crackly voices. Beautiful.

In honor of the ten year anniversary of 9/11, we figured it was high time we visited a faith that neither of us knows much about: ISLAM.  In preparation, I took Beliefnet’s Test Your Knowledge of Islam quiz and my […]

By Amanda P. Westmont When we first started this blog in February, I made a few promises that I’m still trying to keep: This is more than a religion blog. It’s more than the sum of 50 church reviews. It’s […]