We all have had days where we just want to vent and complain about everything that is going on around us, and even within us. Some days it’s harder than others to remember just how blessed you are because of God. When you’re down in the dumps, it can be harder than ever to remember to think about the blessings God has placed in your life. When all you feel like doing is complaining, you normally can’t focus on even the tiniest detail of good that God brought into your day. As said before some days are harder than others and we’d be lying and fooling ourselves if we didn’t admit that. If you are struggling right now in any aspect of your life, I encourage you to get it off your chest in any way that you can.

Whether it is through venting out loud, praying out loud or blasting any type of music. Whatever you need to do to get those feelings of “man my life is tough,” or “poor poor pitiful me,” or “my life sucks, and it’ll never get any better” out of your system, do one of them or even all of them. Get those feelings out. Then take a few minutes to relax. Close your eyes and rest. It took a lot of energy to vent that way, didn’t it? After you regain some of the energy you need, try listing your blessings. Maybe write them down on paper or on your computer or even on your phone. Do you have a place to live? Do you have a car or any more of transportation to get to work? Do you like your job? Do you actually love your job?

Do you have a computer or a phone to write down the way you feel? Do you have a family that loves you? How about naming some true friends that you have. Are you able to pay all of your bills? That’s yet another blessing. Do you always have food on your table or in your refrigerator? How about being able to provide for the basic needs of your family? Even if your job is hard at times, it can help to realize how much your job helps both you and your family daily.

Think of it this way, if you didn’t have the job you have then you wouldn’t be able to have the roof over your head or the food in the refrigerator. Without the job, you wouldn’t be able to provide the way you do for yourself and your family without that job. If you didn’t have the car to drive to work, you wouldn’t be able to have the job that you have either. There are so many people out there that want a job and can’t get one. There are also other people out there that can’t get a job because they can’t afford the commute to and from work.

The bus is some people’s only option of getting to work because they can’t drive. Some people have to walk in blistering conditions both hot and cold, for miles just to get to work. Does your employer pay for your benefits? So many people have to pay their own health insurance out of their own pocket, and it’s not easy.

Another blessing is the fact that you live in the United States of America. You live in a free world. “The land of the free and the home of the brave” is not just song lyrics for many of us. At times you take living here in the U.S for granted. We all have done that. But remember there are so many people in third world countries that would love to be where we are right now.

There are people that long to have the food and provisions that you take for granted, the work that you complain about, someone in a third world country would love.
What about other blessings in your life? Do you have friends who would drop everything just to see you through a rough situation? Do you have prayer warriors in your life that you know you can turn to at any time? Who besides God do you know you can turn to in both good times and bad?

There are so many blessings in your life. All you have to do is start reminding yourself of them. Speak of them out loud to remember how good your life is. If you concentrate on the blessings in your life instead of the burdens of your life, it will be easier if and when the burdens come across your path.

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