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“Life is an uphill battle. But it’s our choice whether or not we make it up the mountain. We can choose to give up or keep climbing to see the view at the top. The view is almost always worth the climb.”-Alexis Wohler.

God put this saying on my heart when I was going through some very tough times in my life. I had to learn to let go of someone very dear to me and by God’s grace I moved on from it.  I’m leaning on God for comfort and reassurance. Even though our everyday life can seem like an uphill battle, we can still get the reward and joy of climbing to the top of the mountain. We can even enjoy some of the lessons we learn along the journey.

We can rediscover God’s plan for our lives and help others out along the way. It is our choice whether we make it up the mountain or not. It’s our choice to keep trying or to never give up. It is our choice to keep moving forward through every obstacle that comes our way.  Or we can choose to move around every obstacle that gets put in our path.

It’s our choice whether we look towards God or away from Him. It’s our choice whether we walk or run in life. When we walk we won’t get there as fast as what we planned to or hoped to get there in life, but we can enjoy the views of the beauty around us, learn how to better ourselves and make the most of our lives. When we run, we often miss the beauty of our lives and the joy of everyday life. When we get stressed out that is when we miss the blessings that are bouncing off of us and in and out of our lives daily.

You don’t have to be too stressed out to miss a simple blessing such as seeing a friend again after a few weeks of not spending time with them or getting a meal that is hot and fresh. Stress makes us forget the blessings right in front of us. It makes us think our lives aren’t ever going to get any better or change. However when we tell ourselves to focus on blessings, then we will see even more of them in our everyday life.

When we run in life, we should always try to remember that life isn’t a track meet where we automatically sprint to the finish line. Rather, it is a marathon. We should take more time to enjoy life instead of running through it thinking we have no time to stop and smell the flowers and the fresh air. Take the time every day to appreciate what you have in life.

When you’re faced with a tough situation, you have every right to think about it to decide whether or not it is worth it to continue down that path or to walk away. Ask God for discernment and calmness throughout the situation. Try not to let your emotions get to you. They can help you by feeling them out, but they are also dangerous if you let them get the best of you. Letting your emotions get the best of you can cost you your friends, family and the person you love because once you let the words come out in the heat of the moment, they can never be taken back. You can apologize for them, but they can never be taken back.

Even though life is hard at times, our hard roads can often lead us to a beautiful destination in life that we never even dreamed of getting to.  You don’t want to stop doing life just because of one hard day, do you? Life is so much more than the difficulties you face. Life is supposed to be a joy to experience. Not an experience to be dreaded. If you spend all your time dreading life, you’ll never be happy or experience the awesome things that are so often in front of you.

Don’t you want to know that you have the inner strength inside you, just waiting to be discovered, even when you’re in a season of walking through the valley of the shadow of death? Don’t you want to allow yourself to keep going no matter how difficult the journey may be and get the reward of knowing that you made it to the top of the mountain? Push yourself and move forward in life even when it seems impossible because as long as you work hard and put your mind to it, nothing is impossible.

No matter how much life puts you down, stresses you out or brings you to your knees, keep moving forward. God will give you the strength you didn’t know you had within you. Just when you think you reached the end of your rope, He turns you around and says to you, “My child, I made you for a purpose. Even though you’re a sinner I still love you as my child and I want nothing less than for you to succeed with a long happy life.”

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