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January 2019 Archives

When you find out something about someone that you didn’t expect to find out about them, what is your first reaction? Shock, anger, awe, utter denial? All of those feelings are allowed. But the hardest thing to remember in those […]

  You can have a healthier and happier life if you can learn how to give up some of the stressors in your life over to God. Don’t be afraid to reach out to God when you need help. Don’t […]

Have you ever had one of those days where you are trying to be happy, yet you just don’t understand why you feel down? You tell yourself that life isn’t that bad and you pray for peace. Sometimes peace comes […]

Have you ever felt as though you are identified by the job you do? Do you ever feel as though your job title is the only thing people recognize you by? Have you ever wished that other people would get […]

Obstacles are always going to be in your path. They can either be big or small. You have had the experience of stumbling over obstacles that are in your life. Maybe you have even tripped over your own thoughts of […]

Praying for those people that hurt you can sound like a complicated thing. It can even sound worse than it is. Satan can make your heart hardened towards the people that hurt you and can make it extremely hard, if […]

Are you excited about this new year, or are you dreading it? Think for a few minutes what things excite you about this new year. look at all the promises 2019 brings. Time flies every day. So, make the most of each day. […]