Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like crying and start crying for no reason? It is okay to show your emotions and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you have ever been told that you can’t show how you really feel in your life, that is not true.

You can show your emotions as long as you don’t allow your emotions to take control of you. If you aren’t careful, emotions can build up and brew at the surface of your mind and your heart. Then they spill out unexpectedly at the wrong time, such as in front of your colleagues or in a meeting or at work in front of your boss. Remember, though, emotions are okay to show.

Showing Emotions Doesn’t Mean You’re Weak

If you’re ever told that showing your emotions makes you weak, don’t believe that lie. That is simply not true. Showing any emotions just means that you are human. You are real when you show your most vulnerable side of emotions, whether it is in tears or not. Remember, every single one of us has felt upset at one time or another. It is in our human nature to show emotions. There is absolutely no harm in showing your emotions. There shouldn’t be any shame in showing your emotions either.

Let Go

Have you ever held something in for so long that you finally just kind of collapsed and released it unexpectedly? Just the thought of something made you have the urge to cry? Or a memory made you angry enough that you started venting to a friend about it? Hopefully, your friend listened to your cries and venting and then encouraged you to look past whatever was hurting you and look towards the bigger picture of blessings in your life.

Let Yourself Cry

Some days when you just feel like you’re losing your mind and you feel full of emotions, even if you don’t like crying, go ahead and let yourself have a good cry. It is actually healthy to let those built up feelings out and get them out of your system before they cause more harm. Keeping your emotions bottled inside your mind can cause more stress. Find a quiet place and take a break from whatever you’re working on and go ahead and cry.

You can cry by yourself or you can let your tears flow freely in front of people. You don’t have to be ashamed to cry. Sometimes it is just what you need to do. It can help heal your soul, body and your mind. It doesn’t matter if you cry alone in your car or in your room, or even at your desk.

Each Silent Cry

Remember, God hears each silent tear that falls from your heart. It doesn’t matter if you end up crying in front of others either. If they accuse you of being a bay about it, that is not true. Remember, you have seen others cry in front of you too. You never truly know what people are going through unless you genuinely care and want to ask if they are okay.

There is absolutely no harm in crying in front of people, just make sure that it is in front of people that you know you can trust, so your tears don’t get turned into a gossip fest. No one wants or deserves their tears to exploited by people.

You’re Not Weak

The important thing to remember though is that if you cry in front of people, they most likely will ask you what is wrong, but you don’t have to answer them. The true people in your life know when you’re about to break down anyhow. Showing your emotions doesn’t mean that you’re weak, so don’t beat yourself up when you feel as though you need to cry.

Crying lets all of those suppressed stressful feelings out of your heart. Don’t you normally feel better after a good cry and then feel tired enough to sleep. Whenever you get done crying, you can try to catch up on a little cat nap if you’re home.

You are never weak when you show your emotions. Rather it is a sign of strength when you also yourself to be vulnerable like that. Crying never means that you’re weak either.

Rather, it means that you may have been holding onto something for too long. You are allowed to let go whenever you feel the need. God allows you to show your emotions and He is real with you about them.

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