glasses of faith

Find rest in Jesus. Whenever you are overwhelmed find a quiet place and pray to Him about the things that are on your mind. There is nothing that surprises God. He knows everything that is on your mind so why not have the take the opportunity that He freely gives you to come to Him in prayer?

No one else gives you the time of day the way God does. While everyone else is busy with their day to day life and they don’t always make time for you, God automatically stops what He is doing and eagerly listens to you. Think about it for a minute. He is the ruler of everything, and she created Heaven and Earth, yet He created you and loves you, and He stops everything He is doing as soon as you call on His name. He wants you to be able to come to Him no matter what you are going through.

He has the biggest responsibility of all, ruling the world and yet He wants to hear from you. No matter what you’re going through, you are always one call or one prayer away from 24/7 correspondence with God. Take every opportunity to talk to Him. What an honor it is to talk to God whenever you want and to be able to voice exactly how you feel at any moment in your life.

Prayer is the ultimate connection between you and God. It is the ultimate hotline to take all of your concerns and even your complaints to God. Take advantage of each prayer and try to connect with God on a personal level. Even though it may feel better to vent and complain about your problems, you can turn those thoughts into prayer.

But don’t just complain in your prayers. Remember to say thank you for everything that He has given you. Everything that you have is a blessing. When you turn your complaints about your life into prayers of thanksgiving, your trials become easier to bear, and you enjoy the little things in life more.

Remember you can pray at any time and anywhere. No matter what is going on, you can always pray. What a gift, honor and privilege that is to know that God wants you to pray, not only to voice your concerns at the foot of the cross, but He wants you to find rest and assurance that He has everything under control in your life, as well as controlling the aspects in your family and friend’s life.

Where else can you find that gift in life? The answer is nowhere else. God is the only person you can have a conversation with at any time and anywhere. He is always there to hear your cries whether you’re in the office or in the park or in your car driving home. You will never be out of reach of God.

Rest in the peace you feel when you pray to God. He can easily replace the fear, concerns in your heart with peace. Allow Him to take over your heart and your soul and mind and release everything into His hands. Rest in the peace that he gives you. All you have to do is ask Him to provide you with that peace. When you ask Him to come into your heart, ask Him for the peace from Him that surpasses all human understanding.

Jesus is the answer to your prayers, not only because He saved you by dying on the cross, but also in the fact that His peace is what you really crave. You may not realize just how much peace you desire in your life until you are overwhelmed with the way things are going in your life. When you ask why things are going the way they are going, turn to Him and ask Him for the help you need to get through any and every situation.

He knows every need and desire that you have ever had, and He knows your every thought. It still doesn’t hurt at all to keep the connection open with God throughout your day and your life. Why not take the time to connect with Him, instead of putting Him on the back burner of your life? Even though life gets tough, remember, God made Jesus even tougher and even more significant than any of your problems.

He has already won the victory, so why not rest in the reassurance that no matter what is going on, that God has already seen the battle or the war through to the end?


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