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Hope is a powerful motivator. It’s what drives us to try again. It’s what keeps us from sinking under the weight of adversity. Hope keeps us positive, fuels our joy and helps us reach for our dreams with gusto. Hope matters. And while many think hope is nothing more than wishful thinking, Christian hope means confident expectation. It’s believing in the possibility of anything happening.

Anything in life is possible. It is also believing that God is, can and will do the impossible in our lives. Hope is something that still whispers to try again when all we feel like doing is giving up. Hope means standing tall in the face of your adversity no matter how many people are against you.

Look at the hope that David had while facing down the Giant Goliath. He had no fear inside of him while the Israelites were cowering behind their tents. They were afraid for their lives because of the size of Goliath. No one thought that he could take down Goliath, but he convinced the king to let him try. Even though he was a shepherd boy, he meant business when he said he was going to fight Goliath. God gave him the tools which were three small stones and launched them at Goliath as he was coming down to kill him. He had no fear because he knew God was with him throughout the entire ordeal. His faith was unbreakable.

The hope that filled Moses when he talked to the Israelites and to Aaron when they were afraid for their lives because of Pharaoh. He told them that there was one thing that Pharaoh couldn’t take away from them- their faith. He kept the faith even when he saw his brother Rameses again for the first time and told him that God commanded him to let his people go. He even showed the power of God when God helped him turn his staff into a snake.  The soldiers were coming after him while he was standing at the Nile river.

He believed that he would be able to turn the water in the Nile River into blood and He was able to do so with the help of God. He also told them that other things including the death of the firstborn Egyptians and the other plagues would sweep over Egypt unless Pharaoh would agree to let the Israelites go from the bondage of slavery. He knew God would deliver his people and he was able to do something that he was afraid to do. All with the help of God.

Another example of the hope that filled others in the Bible, is the hope that filled Esther when she realized she had become the queen. She knew she had to tell the king about Haman and his evil plots to send them all into exile and kill her and her family. She knew she could talk to the King about Hayman, but she had to wit on God and trust God in making the right call and to tell her when to speak up. She ended up saving not only her family but the entire kingdom as well. Her cousin Mordecai was then appointed to work right under the king, as the head of security for Him.

Another example of hope was the hope of Jesus that He told others about His father’s love. He made it and knew it was His calling to be the one who told others about the goodness of His father in Heaven. He had the hope that people would listen to His messages, yet He had something even greater inside of Him because He was both God and man all in one. He had the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of His Heavenly Father inside Him. He also had the knowledge that some people would accept His message and others wouldn’t. But He knew what He had to come to Earth to do- He came to save everyone. His love should fill us with the hope that being saved not only brings us closer to Him but gives us eternal life in Heaven. He had the hope that others would be willing to accept His message.


Hope is something that keeps us moving forward when all else says give up and don’t ever think that you will make it anywhere in your life. Don’t believe that lie. Hope is an awesome thing that lives inside of all of us. We just have to be willing to search our souls and look for the hope that is just lying dormant inside of us.


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