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Have you ever had one of those days where you’re angry but don’t know why? Remember, anger is okay as long as you don’t allow yourself to wallow in it.

Anger is Allowed
You are allowed to be angry and hurt at the same time. There isn’t a law against it. Your emotions will show at one point or another in life over something legit and over something that could have been avoided altogether. You are allowed to show your emotions, but the important thing is to not let your emotions get the best of you or let them have control over you. If you allow your emotions to have control over you, you probably will tend to blow up easier and start needless fights.
Realize Anger Leads to Needless Fights
Sometimes you will blow up in anger over something so juvenile and regret it instantly or you won’t regret it until later. Once you say things it can’t be taken back. Most of the time you will realize that you got mad over something petty or juvenile. You will realize that the argument and the harsh words that were said all could have been avoided. You may feel like you not only let yourself down but also that you let others down because of the argument.
Realize You Are Wrong Too
It takes time to realize that other people were not the only ones at fault and that you said nasty things too. It can hit you right between the eyes and in the heart that you were just as much a part of the argument as they were. All you can do is stand up, not to mention, take responsibility and apologize first.
Don’t Leave Apologies Unsaid
The best thing you can do is calm down and take ownership for your temper and hurtful words and apologize. There’s no worse punishment than to leave apologies left unheard. There is no greater regret either. Even though you may not want to be the first to apologize it almost always makes you feel better. It can be very difficult but you can be the stronger one. Just think if you left an apology unsaid and something horrible happened to you and the person you argued with, and then the other person died. How would it make you feel knowing you never had a chance to ask them for forgiveness or say that you’re sorry for hurting them? That is often one of the biggest regrets people have. Not being able to say that they are sorry for their actions.
Positive or Negative Impact
Remember your actions and your words can either have a positive effect on your life and on others’ lives. Or they can have a negative effect on your life and on others’ lives. Wouldn’t you rather be the one who holds their anger and tries their best to say something that will help take the argument away instead of letting the argument continue to burn bridges and make your life get worse?
Never Go to Bed Angry
You should never go to bed angry either. There is even a bible verse that tells you that. There’s s good reason why you shouldn’t go to bed angry because as said before, you have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow.
Be Brave and Say Sorry
Wouldn’t you rather work things out with someone than never talk to them again? You don’t want to lose your chance to work things out with people before it’s too late. Be brave and apologize to them, even if you don’t feel as if you are in the wrong. It is better to be the one who apologizes than the one who carries the anger towards someone for the rest of your life. It not only helps you get peace in your heart but sometimes it helps the other person say sorry for the things they did wrong as well. Even if someone doesn’t accept your apology, at least you tried to make amends.
Take any Argument as a Learning Experience
Take each argument, disagreement as a learning experience for you and the other person. Ask them for their forgiveness. Even if they don’t give you their forgiveness at least you know that you tried to make amends and that God is proud of you for asking and He forgives you. At least after you ask for forgiveness don’t you normally feel a sense of peace in your heart that you can’t really explain? That is God letting you know that you did the right thing and that you were the bigger person.
It always pays off better to be the person that forgives and lets things go than go be the person carrying around bitterness every day of your life. You will find peace and a lot more joy that way. Not to mention you will live longer if you let things go faster. Why carry anger towards someone for your whole life over something that happened 20 years ago or a year ago, yesterday or a week ago? It doesn’t even do you any good. It only makes you think of how people may have hurt you and you lose interest in being around them. However, you learn to let things go then you will enjoy life so much more. You deserve peace. Letting things go is the first step to peace.

Don’t keep the anger in your heart forever. All that will do is destroy you.

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