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Needing God

What are some good sayings to keep in mind when you feel less than adequate? When you are discouraged, say these statements to encourage yourself to keep trying. With God on your side, there is nothing you can’t get through.
Christ is Beside Me
Christ is beside me. He has never left my side and He never will.” He made you perfect in His image. He is always with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. With Him walking beside you and holding your hand there is nothing you can’t do.
He is With Me
“Christ is with me. He has never failed me and he never will.” Whenever you go through a tough day or a tough situation, even though it’s sometimes an annoying and overused saying, you can remind yourself that “God is good all the time and all the time God is good”. Even though the saying might annoy you it is entirely true. Look at everything you have in your life. Everything you have is because of Him.

No matter what you’re experiencing He will get you through it and help you see His glory even in the midst of suffering. There is always something positive in every downtrodden situation.  even if you’re walking through the valley of the shadow of death, try to remember to praise Him through the storms of your life.


Christ is Within Me
“Christ is within me. I have everything I need to accomplish my dreams and goals. His power is within me.” He literally lives in you. You have this power in you at all times. His spirit is within you as well and He enables you to feel Him leading you down the right paths of your life. With Christ residing in you, feel confident in the fact that He has already given you everything you need to support yourself and to support your body and life.
You don’t have to fear anything in your life because God already holds the future in His hands. He knows exactly what will happen and when it’ll happen. Take comfort in the fact that God has already preordained every aspect of your life. He knows that you will have both bad times and great times. Learn to celebrate the great times and thank Him for them, while learning lessons with your bad days.

Christ is For Me
“Christ is for me so who can stand against me?” Christ is always going to be for you and not against you. He smiles when you do the right thing and help other people. But He is saddened every time you sin. He knows that you aren’t perfect though. He enjoys helping you realize that through Him you can do marvelous things in your life.

Think about how many people have said mean things about you in life. Chances are, there are too many people to count, right? Think about how many times you have gotten questioned or mocked or even attacked verbally for your belief in God. It hurts no doubt about it when you get attacked for your faith, but God knows you love Him and will protect you from doing the wrong thing such as retaliating against someone for mocking your faith.

Getting Back at Someone Isn’t Worth It

God helps you see that getting mad at that person just isn’t worth it.  Remember, if God is the one that is for you, then it doesn’t even matter who or what is against you. Either way, you will come out victorious. You will come out victorious in His name and for His glory. No matter what happens in life try to think of the big picture that everything happens for His reason and His glory. You may not understand it, but you are human. Don’t ever beat yourself up for not fully understanding God’s plan. You aren’t supposed to. You are allowed to question Him while still having faith in his plan though. There is nothing wrong with that.

Christ is Above Me

“Christ is above me. His thoughts are much greater than my own.”  Christ’s thoughts are way beyond what you could ever imagine or explain. He is in Heaven for a reason and He is God’s son for a reason. Both God and Jesus both know you better than you could ever know yourself. His thoughts towards you are so much more amazing than your own.

When you say harsh things about your body or anything harsh about yourself, God’s heart hurts. He doesn’t like it when you say harsh things about yourself such as, “I’m so ugly” or, “Nobody cares about me or loves me”. He loves you and cares about you more than anything or anyone. God’s thoughts are amazing towards you. To think that He thinks of you as His child should bring you to your knees.

What are some other go-to sayings that you use when going through tough times?


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