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Stop looking at people as your problem and start looking at them as your commission field. Look to them as opportunities to witness to them about God. Start seeing any and every opportunity as an opportunity to witness for God. Even though it can be very intimidating to witness to people. It can also ring about amazing opportunities to bring people to Christ. Being able to witness to people is one of the greatest callings and blessings of being a Christian. It can be hard to go outside of our comfort zone to try and tell others about Jesus and what He did for us. But once we see others having a good time learning about Jesus and developing a personal relationship with Him, it can bring so much joy telling others about Him and it can even help us develop an even better relationship with Him.

People may ask what a commission is. But it is different than the great commission. The great commission is when Jesus was resurrected from the dead and instructed His disciples to continue to spread His word all over the world. The disciples must have felt nervous and uneasy about spreading God’s word all over the world because they had seen what Jesus had gone through while trying to help people come to know God. Jesus went through hard times during His ministry as well. But He never gave up on people. He loved all of us so much that He died on the cross for all of us.

If we stop seeing people as our problems and start seeing them as people who need Jesus, it will become easier to strike up conversations about their lives and to give them encouragement. It doesn’t always have to be a conversation about faith though, either. It can just be a conversation about how their life is going and it can be your opportunity to just be a friend and let them know that you are there for them. Even if you don’t talk about God or Jesus for a long time in your friendship, at least you’re doing what God wants you to do, and that is be kind. He wants you to be kind to all people no matter what they do. Being kind is better than shoving it down people’s throats that you’re a Christian. If you shove it down people’s throats that you’re a Christian, it may only turn them away from the thought of giving Jesus a try and it might even scare them away from ever wanting a relationship with Him.

If we start looking at people the way Jesus did, with compassion and love and kindness our attitudes will hopefully change. When we look at others with compassion, it not only helps people feel better, it will feel good for us to be kind to others. When we treat others as Jesus did with compassion it will help others in their time of need. Even though we may not be able to raise people from the dead or heal others illnesses the way Jesus did, but we can do other things such as giving people the chance to talk freely when they feel like things are going wrong in their life, making meals for people in need. Helping someone whose family member is in the hospital. When can even do things, we may not feel like doing for others without being asked, with a joyful attitude. Ever be asked by someone to clean something that you didn’t want to clean? We have all gone through that. But the right thing to do is keep your annoyance to yourself and do the cleaning without complaining.

When we treat others, who have hurt us with the love that Jesus had and has for us, we will grow in love for others. When we treat others with Jesus love, it will feel good. People need Jesus love more than they need anger. He loved others and kept loving people even though people treated Him horribly. That is the ultimate example of love. He gave people so many chances and forgiveness.  He forgives us every day of our lives.  When we learn to love the people that treat us horrible, it will make our lives easier.

When we treat others with kindness, no matter how they treat us, they will see God’s love radiating through us. When others see the peace that we have within us and ask themselves why we are so happy.  They might even start conversations with us about why we seem to be so at peace. If someone asks you about why you seem so happy you can tell them why you’re so happy and not be afraid to. Witness to others about what God has done for you and show them how amazing He is.

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