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What are you passionate about? Your career, family, spouse, music, car, house? Your music, learning new things, helping others in any way you can, advancing your skills in your job, your hobbies? How passionate are you about your faith and your faith walk? Are you passionate about Jesus as your Savior? We all should be passionate as our Lord and savior but with life distracting us it can be very difficult to keep that passion alive in our hearts and in the forefront of our minds.

Life distracts us with everyday tasks and activities and priorities such as school, chores, our houses, and work. Jesus often goes into the background of our lives. We have to work hard to keep Him at the forefront. Every day we can get up and say prayers for our day ahead.

We can thank Him for another day of life and ask him for His divine protection over us and our family throughout our days. We can ask for His help in every area of our day, especially the areas that we find intimidating and difficult. For instance, if you have a big presentation to do at work, you can ask Him to help you get the words out in the exact way the presentation is supposed to go.

If you have to interview someone, you can ask Him for help in asking the right questions and to give you ease in writing the story correctly. If you have deadlines that you might be concerned or worried about meeting, ask Him for help in keeping on task in order to meet those deadlines.

What can you do to show your passion for Him? How about telling others about Him? Spend time in His word learning about Him and your passion and interest will grow because there is so much to learn and explore God. There is a lot to be learned in, the purpose of growing your passion for Jesus. Other ways you can grow your passion got Jesus is by going to church every week and by spending time in the company of other believers.

You can also spend time in Bible study by yourself and in groups. If you feel called by Him to share your faith story and testimony, you can share it at a Bible study or in a prayer group or even at church, in front of your home congregation. Even if you are nervous to share your testimony, you can take the leap of faith with Him guiding you through it. You never know, sometimes your testimony might help somebody who is going through a very difficult time in their life. It could let them know that they are not alone and that someone else has experienced the same thing that they are experiencing. Who knows, your testimony could even be the story that help’s save someone’s life. It could be the story that turns someone’s view of faith around and helps them believe in God as their Lord and Savior.

Let others see the passion behind your smile. Let others see your purpose in life. Let it be Jesus. Let Jesus be your number one passion. It isn’t easy to have him as your passion every day but you can do it. It takes discipline and trust and perseverance. It especially takes perseverance because there are so many other things that can easily become our passions.

For instance, our family and the responsibility of raising them and taking care of them comes often as number one. Another thing that can take priority of passion for Jesus is our jobs. Our jobs are critical for us to live but they don’t have to be and shouldn’t be absolutely everything to us. Ask God to help you to keep Him as your priority and your passion.

Your passion can drive you and make you work even harder for what you want in your life. But it can also break you if you get too obsessed with it. If you lose who you are while following your passion, maybe it is time to reevaluate it. Whatever you are passionate about, go after it with all your heart and never give up on it, but also try to make sure it comes second to following and getting to know God in your life.

The relationship with God is the best relationship you can ever have. It is truly the only relationship that matters. If you lose yourself while looking for your passion, don’t be discouraged. Ask Him to lead you in the right direction of your passion and ask Him to guide your steps.

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