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Jesus and the Samaritan woman meeting each other at the well was one of my recent blogs. Can you imagine her reaction and actually being there and realizing the man she was talking to was Jesus? Think for a few minutes about how you would and hopefully how you will feel when you meet Jesus face to face for the first time. How overwhelmed you will be. There’s absolutely no denying that. If the Samaritan woman was overwhelmed by meeting and talking to Jesus, we can be overwhelmed by His presence in our lives too. Look at all the goodness He allows us to see in our lives. His mercy and grace follow us everywhere, every day of our lives. We just have to be open-minded enough to receive them. When was the last time you were a witness for Jesus?

Meeting Us Where We Are

Imagine how you’d feel meeting someone famous. Would you stop dead in your tracks or fall to your knees? Will you shake their hands or be allowed to hug them and get their autograph? Would you start crying because you’re so nervous or because you’re so excited to be meeting your favorite singer or actor or actress? We all have no idea how we would react to meeting someone famous. Jesus is the most famous person in the Bible. We also have no idea how we would react to meeting Him.

Meeting Jesus the way people did in the Bible was even more amazing than the modern time of meeting your favorite celebrity.   We all would probably drop to our knees and bow in front of Him. As we rightfully should. Can you imagine walking down the street and being met by Jesus, or hearing the sermons He taught during His three-year ministry? Can you picture yourself being on the boat with Him and His disciples when they told Him that they were afraid of the storm? Can you imagine watching Him get taken into custody and taken to be tried and judged before Pilate? Can you even fathom the utter torment He went through for all of us on the cross? He meets us right where we are in our lives.

Tell Others about Jesus

The scary yet amazing thing is that Jesus already knew that the woman at the well was an adulterer and she had five husbands. He also knew that she was also sleeping with someone who wasn’t her husband. But at least she admitted that it was true. It took a lot of guts for her to admit to Him that she was a sinner. She also said she knew the Messiah would come again. Imagine her reaction when He revealed that He was indeed the Messiah! She did the right thing and went and told others that she encountered and met Jesus and everyone believed her and went to see Him. What a change of heart. Instead of being afraid of Him she went and told others what she saw and that she had met Him. She wanted to tell others about Him because she figured out the honest to goodness truth that she was a sinner.

We can only imagine her shock and surprise when Jesus told her who He was. This sermon was recently told during church. It caught my attention that Jesus didn’t even technically have to make the journey to Samaria but He did because He was going to see that woman. Imagine your surprise if someone looked for you the way Jesus looked for the Samaritan woman.

Jesus Seeks Us Out

My pastor informed the congregation that the woman was considered an outcast among people in her community because she was an adulterer and the people there knew what she had done. While the pastor was telling the story and explaining the history of the story, I was captivated. To know that Jesus specifically came looking for her and to talk with her and then told her the truth about who He was and that He was indeed the Messiah was incredible. The fact that people listened to her when she told others about meeting Jesus was even more incredible.   Jesus seeks us out in the same way that He sought out the woman at the well.

Living Water

When Jesus talked about living water, the woman thought He meant real water from the well. She asked Him to give her some of the living water so she didn’t have to come back at noon every day by herself to the well. Jesus was actually referring to the refreshing thirst quenching ability to know Him as her personal Lord and Savior. He wanted her to know how to obtain that living water by believing in Him. He also gave her the opportunity to receive it. He gave her the opportunity of a lifetime to come to know Him personally and to tell others about Him and be a witness for Him.

Whenever a time comes for us to be a witness for Jesus, let’s jump at it too the way the woman at the well did.

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